On this page you can read about the comics that I have read. Along with the summaries, you will find many screen shots of the comic. Just click on the covers for more information.


In a certain class at Meridiana, a teacher is trying to get one of his students to give him her homework. After many tries, Lorie finally gives her homework to him. On the sheet, Lorie offers favors to her teacher, Adrian Seidelman. He refuses them and then shouts at Lorie during class. The class finishes quickly and Adrian leaves the school, wanting to go home. In a dark alley, Lorie's friends catch Adrian, thinking to punish him for rejecting her. Just as they start to hit him, a man comes and kicks their butt. The man turns out to be Lucas Amato, a reporter who, to earn more money, teaches biology in the same school as Adrian. They both go to drink some coffee in what seems to be a McDonald's, and there, and there,[Read More]


Miao Yashimoto, a private detective has to find a woman called Cybersix if he wants to see his little sister alive. In the comics, Von Richter himself goes ask to Yashimoto to find and kill Cybersix. He is told everything about her, explained about her powers and origins. Yashimoto searches through the night and sees her for the first time. A tall beautiful woman is fighting against a Fixed Idea. The fight is easy for Cybersix and she sucks the sustanence from the Fixed Idea and quickly feels better. [Read More]


Lucas thinks Adrian is having an affair with Cybersix, and he tries to speak with Adrian about the subject. They both walk into the bathroom, when Adrian suddenly realizes where he is, and turns to leave the room while Lucas is doing his business. Outside Adrian waits for Lucas but finds Josť is there, searching for Lori. He turns, "She is here". He runs after smelling her. Adrian runs away to save his identity. But he comes out as Cybersix. A little fight with Josť where the little guy takes the advantage. She struggles but her vision his fading, as he gets his hands around her neck, a last act to survive; she hits him with her nails. For the first time, Josť sees his own blood, which scares him and he runs away. [Read More]


Cybersix is lying in a small street, trying to hold on to a ramp. Behind her is a techno, he sees her and understand it's Cybersix, the rebel one. As he tries to jump on her, she quickly moves and hit him. "Stupid techno, you thought I was drunk ?!?". She drinks his sustenance and leave him there. In the street, there's a man standing, not saying a word. Cybersix flees thiking he was a person confused by what he had just seen. [Read More]


Cybersix is walking on the street meets a female techno. While fighting, she's reciting a text of J.G. Ballard in her head. A text called "I Beleive In". [Read More]


First part of the book is a tribute to fantasy world and especially to The Legend of King Arthur. In the beginning, Von Reichter found, the first book and the original story of King Arthur. In it lies the precise emplacement of Merlin's tomb, the most powerful magician the world had ever hold. Von Reichter is convinced those informations are true and head to Ireland, trying to find some rest of the magician to clone him and make him his servant. Krumens is against that idea, thinking his master went crazy and shouldn't beleive in such tales. [Read More]


Cybersix found a new victim, a chip who takes the same walk every night, alone, he will make a nice meal for her, full of pure sustenance. He is alone, in a small path, and so she attacks, the chips tries to flee but she is faster and finally gets to him. She is getting near her neck and then, Josť comes in with Fixed Idea. A trap, a baith. She's in trouble. Fighting with her enemies, when she finaly seems to get the advantage, the chip takes his gun and shoot her in the leg. She's badly hurt and she tries to flee but they keep up. Her wound stops her from jumping as usual so she tries to hide in a building, but her blood loss is leading the monster to her. No she can't wait, a last chance, she try to run and jump from a roof "god help me" but she can't reach the side and start falling... falling until a strange creature takes her away, moving like tarzan. [Read More]


Josť is sad, his favorite Fixed Idea, dog and woman have died. He starts crying into the refregirator, asking "Why did they have to die?". Now, in his sadness, he decides to do as his father does: create life. He the uses body parts of all his dead men and creates a perfect being, a machine, made to kill and destory. In that time, Adrian Sedeilman is having great difficulties. He always feels strange and nauseated. For the last 6 weeks, Cybersix and Lucas are together, and this is for good. One of Lucas's friends, Cron, has analized Cybersix's blood and confirm that she is not of any harm for him, they can live as a couple, a very loving couple. [Read More]


A man is running on a bridge, he looks exhausted and tired. Looking back, he goes near the bridge and jumps while screaming. Dostoeivski is the officer in charge of the case. It looks like a suicide, but he wants to wait for the autopsy before closing the case. [Read More]


Recently, a lot of Fixed Idea have been found dead, drained of sustenance. And Von Reichter isn't happy of the result. They all seemed to have been murdered by a strange looking creature. Josť is trewing the many corpse in the sewer where a voice, someone in the dark, goes to take the sustenance without the other knowing it. [Read More]


The last Cyber is being hunted, hunted down like a animal. Hunted down for the life she carries with her. The pregnancy brings one problem to Cybersix, she can't jump anymore, so she wanders in the city walking thru the old buildings, hoping for her survival and her baby. When Fixed Idea see her they run to catch her, but she flee, going in scarpyard or heven trash dump. She can't go the Adrian's appartement, the owner of the building is a little paranoid and watch everyone who comes inside. [Read More]


Cybersix is lost... She now wanders in the city. Her routine is now simple. Find one of Von Reichter's creatures, take it's sustenance, kill it and take it's cash. She is disguested by her own doing. How could she go this far? She needs to get away from this kind of life. She has a friend, who might help him doing so.. Adrian...Adrain Seidelman. [Read More]