In a certain class at Meridiana, a teacher is trying to get one of his students to give him her homework. After many tries, Lorie finally gives her homework to him. On the sheet, Lorie offers favors to her teacher, Adrian Seidelman. He refuses them and then shouts at Lorie during class. The class finishes quickly and Adrian leaves the school, wanting to go home. In a dark alley, Lorie's friends catch Adrian, thinking to punish him for rejecting her. Just as they start to hit him, a man comes and kicks their butt. The man turns out to be Lucas Amato, a reporter who, to earn more money, teaches biology in the same school as Adrian. They both go to drink some coffee in what seems to be a McDonald's, and there, Adrian shows Lucas his work on poetry. Lucas notices Adrian is carrying some books on the genetics. He is very interrested in the subject and tells Adrian about a marvelous creature, a woman with incredible capabilities he sometimes sees during the night. She seems to be flying but not really. Her muscles are simply perfect and help her to go very fast jumping from roof to roof. Adrian looks at the photo and a confused expression appears on his face. Suddenly, Adrian has to go, but he promises Lucas he won't tell anyone his secret. While walking in the street alone, Adrian thinks to himself "Your secret, Lucas, is also mine". In his apartment, Adrian takes off his clothes, and we see a marvelous women, the same one Lucas was describing. It's here where we find out that Adrian is really Cybersix. She changes into a black suit with a long cape and a hat. She then leaves the apartment, going off to hunt for the creatures that provide her with sustenance.

We then learn the story of her life:

Cybersix was created by a German scientist, who experimented on Jewish concentration camp prisoners during the Second World War. Many years after the war in the jungles of South America, the Nazi scientist started to produce creatures from his knowledge gained from experimenting in WWII. Some of the creations were the Cyber series, a batch of little children with amazing abilities. We learn that the Nazi scientist Von Richter created 5000 of the Cyber series, and Cybersix (in case you were wondering, she was the 6th one :). We also learn that Cybersix's best friend, Cyber-29, dies very young while the two were playing in the jungles (Cyber-29 fell off a cliff). Von Richter, seeing the corpse, thought he could use the brain in one of his new Data series. The result was Cyber-29's brain was transferred to the body of a panther (of the Data series) and renamed Data 7. Cybersix knew her brother was changed to Data 7 and visited him as much as she could. But then, when Von Richter started to kill all the Cybers because they were becoming independent, a black slave took Cybersix and helped her escape the killings. Cybersix would not get to see her brother until many years later...

The slave brought Cybersix to a little fishing village, and she lived there happily for some years with enough sustenance to live (the slave had taken a box full of it). But one day, Von Richter's men found the black slave and interrogated him. The slave told them she had a mind of her own and didn't want to work for Von Richter. They believed him, and for that, they killed him. Cybersix escaped, but was now alone. She could not stay in the fishing village so she fled with the sustenance and nothing else. She traveled through the country without an identity. She traveled at night and slept in the day, conserving as much of the sustenance as she could.

One day, she jumped on to a train (in the stock carrier) and meets a man who tries to steal her case containing the sustenance. There, for the first time we see her in her full power as she simply throws the man out of the train. But still she has no identity, until one night, in her travels, she finds her future name when a car accident occurs. She finds everyone in the car dead and no witnesses are around. In the car is a boy around her age called Adrian Seidelman. So she carries the body of the boy into the forest and hides it. She also takes his glasses and identification papers and looks at the photo…
Not quite like Adrian… but if I put my hair up… there!
Cybersix now becomes Adrian Seidelman.

She now comes to a city where she becomes an orphan, but a brilliant one. She works as a dispatch rider and lives in a small creepy apartment until she finishes her study in a third-rate university and receives a diploma in literature. At this point she becomes a teacher in a third-rate school in Meridiana. Soon she runs out of sustenance and had to get more, or die. One night, as Adrian walks in the city of Meridiana, thinking about his impending doom, he sees her. It's a prostitute, but she has a different feeling to her. She is like him, a techno, another creation of Von Richter. So Adrian pays the prostitute and inside the room with the techno, Adrian jumps on her and sucks the substance out of the techno. It works and solves Cybersix's sustenance problems but if someone should catch her doing this, her problems will be even greater. Cybersix looks in the closet where the prostitute kept her clothing finds a black costume. She now lives a double life, and if no one can find relationship between the two lives, she will live.

Von Richter, who still lives in the jungle, starts to notice the sustenance level of his troops in Meridiana is slowly lowering. He decides it is time to send one of new prototypes, a Fixed Idea, to find out what happened. The Fixed Ideas are big, powerful creatures whose only purpose is to focus on the one task they are assigned. Along with the Fixed Idea, he sends a special creature that looks exactly like Cybersix's father Elio, the black slave who rescued her (he isn't her father, but Cybersix calls him that anyway). The Fixed Idea is easily tricked by Lucas and killed by Data-7, although the slave clone comes close to killing Cybersix. Lucas kills the slave and saves Cybersix who's still confused by the apparition of the man she consider as the only one who ever loved her.

An endless war starts between her and Von Richter, and the German scientist sends his own "clone-son", José, to track and kill the renegade Cyber. But now Cybersix is not only facing Von Richter, but also has to deal with emotional problems and doubts, the reason of her existence, and quite possibly the biggest question, is she human or not?
Can she live with humans?
And have friends?

On Christmas, she goes to see Lucas, to offer herself to him, but she sees him with another woman...

Cybersix thinks, "Of course, he is a man, he wants to be with real women".

She then uses her alter ego, Adrian Seidelman, who is now a friend of Lucas to learn more about the night with the other woman. Lucas seems deeply regretful, and tells Adrian it was his ex-girlfriend. Apparently, she came to steal some information after a wild night of brutal sex. He feels sorry, and confesses to Adrian he wishes to be with Cybersix, because he feels her heart is a thousand times greater then his.

Cybersix also encounters Julian, an orphan who lives in the city with a friend called Natcho. Cybersix saves Julian's life and they talk, quickly becoming friends. Cybersix introduces Julian to her brother Data-7. Julian sometimes dreams of Cybersix as his mother, someone who takes care of him.

Comic Shots

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