Miao Yashimoto, a private detective has to find a woman called Cybersix if he wants to see his little sister alive. In the comics, Von Richter himself goes ask to Yashimoto to find and kill Cybersix. He is told everything about her, explained about her powers and origins. Yashimoto searches through the night and sees her for the first time. A tall beautiful woman is fighting against a Fixed Idea. The fight is easy for Cybersix and she sucks the sustanence from the Fixed Idea and quickly feels better.

Yashimoto is fascinated by her, but he has to learn about her relations or his little sister, Ikiko, will be killed. He is caught between his love for Ikiko and the fascination for Cybersix. He investigates further and learns about a reporter, Lucas Amato, who has spoken about such a creature in newspaper but had retracted himself after a short time. Yashimoto follows him and learns about Adrian Seidelman. Yashimoto is intrigued by Adrian but decides to use Lucas to meet Cybersix. Staying hidden in front of Lucas's apartment, Yashimoto sees Lucas and Cybersix talking together. Finally, Lucas kisses Cybersix, but she leaves saying she is a monster and this can't happen.

Cybersix and Yashimoto finally meet, and Cybersix learns about Ikiko and offers her help to save the little girl from the cruel José. With the help of Julian, a young orphan and Lorie, a drugged prostitute, they go get Ikiko right from José's house. Yashimoto and Ikiko leave to Tokyo, where Von Richter won't find them.

In the second part of the book, Cybersix is asking herself…
Who am I?
What is this world I live in?
What am I?

She comes to meet new friends, a young girl called Maura Click who is addicted to heroine (C6 = sustanence, Maura = heroine). Cybersix first lies to Maura, but she would like to have a friend to speak with. Cybersix thinks that she is alone, but with Maura she is not.

Von Richter then starts his new plan; he gives a modified sustanence to his technos and Fixed Ideas so that if Cybersix sucks their sustanence, she will have something like a overdose except she would feel like she wants to kill herself. Everyone takes it except José who considers himself as a general and feels that he doesn't have to take that kind of stuff. Maura gets into trouble and Dostoeivski ("Do" = Enrique), a policeman, is after her. He sees Cybersix and wants to rape her on the street, because he thinks he has superior strength. Little does he realize that Cybersix has awesome powers until she tosses him 5 meters above her. Dostoeivski falls in love with Cybersix's strength and beauty, and proceeds to search the city to find her again.

C6 and Maura leave, then they take a nice dinner and then go off in their separate ways. The night comes and Cybersix goes to hunt. She sucks the sustanence from a Fixed Idea and quickly becomes depressed. She manages to get to her apartment where she left Maura, but then hits rock bottom. She wants to get rid of her own life. Maura is trying to stop her, but Cybersix is too strong. Dostoeivski who had followed her comes to rescue and punches Cybersix to calm her. She speaks of sustenance, Fixed Ideas, Von Richter, José and all sorts of things. She needs sustanence, and Dostoeivski, without really knowing what it is, goes to kidnap José for her. She sucks José unmodified sustenance and gets better. She becomes normal now, but with two new friends.

She is not alone anymore.

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