Dorothea Beauty Recently, a lot of Fixed Idea have been found dead, drained of sustenance. And Von Reichter isn't happy of the result. They all seemed to have been murdered by a strange looking creature. José is trewing the many corpse in the sewer where a voice, someone in the dark, goes to take the sustenance without the other knowing it.

In Meridiana King Stephenson, the famous author is working on a new scrip involving Dorothea Beauty, a famous actor who disapeared a few years ago. He is investigating when he is suddenly trapped by tentacles and brought in the sewer. On the other side of the city, Cybersix is being tracked by Fixed Idea, they want her alive now, because of the baby she carries. She go in the sewer, lead by a voice, or maybe it's her baby, helping her, from deep inside.

Down there, 3 Fixed Idea are still searching for Cybersix but they can't find her... She still in it, is hiding and sees someone else, King Stephenson... He told her he was kidnapped by a strange creature, and the creature comes, killing the 3 Fixed Idea. The creature is huge (looks like Jaba, LOL) and start to morph in front of them, morphing into Dorothea... The actress. Her goal is to tell her story so he can make a movie out of it, and that VR is shown to the world. I won't go in the details of the story, but VR made experiments on her and it failed, José was supposed to destroyed the body, but he trew her in the sewer where she morphed and managed to survive.

The movie is made, including a character that looks like Cybersix, but it doesn't have the effect Dorothea had thought, and she leaves to the ocean where *SLAP*.

Second part of the book is devoted to the Tyranus serie. THE ultimate creation of Von Reichter, even better then José. They are the living synthesis, to make the perfect world leader. And Von Reichter's wanted to send them to Meridiana so they go to normal school and have a normal politician backgrounds. The 3 babies were sent in an Ambulance, with two human mercenaries garding them. But why human are you asking? Let's explain.

The Tyranus are so perfect, they have a mind of their own and while they are still baby, they are able to communicate to each other. They can also control any of Von Reichter's creature. So they were trying to fleed from the lab. But VR got them back, and use drastic mesure to make them obey him (large doses of many sustenance, like steroïde and more). So now that they were under control they were sent to José with humans guards, in case they would try to control them (it is no effects on humans).
So they are on route to the mansion when they make an accident. Von Reichter's orders were clear, if anything happens, kill the babies. But at the moment they were about to kill them, Julian and Nacho interfered and brought the babies to a safe place.

José is awating for them in the mansion and since they do not arrives, decides to call is father. Then come some strange news, Krumen had played a computer game and a putted a virus in VR's computer. All works on the Tyranus were lost, and since they had disapear, José had to find them at ALL cost.

Julian got Cybersix to take care of the kids, but when she sees they were in fact some of Von Reichter's creature she didn't know what to do with them... She decides it may be better to kill them, because in their eyes, she can see pure evil, but when she tries to do it, they take control of her and the Tyranus flee in the sewer. There they plan a way outta here and try to go away, leaving Cybersix "dizzy".
She is found later by Dosto and Julian, still in the sewer, and explain what has happened, Dosto in rage goes to run after the babies to kill them, because he, a human, will be able to do so. But when he gets near, of them, strange noises starts and a wall falls on the little creatures... They are all dead now... or so do they think...

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