José is sad, his favorite Fixed Idea, dog and woman have died. He starts crying into the refregirator, asking "Why did they have to die?". Now, in his sadness, he decides to do as his father does: create life. He the uses body parts of all his dead men and creates a perfect being, a machine, made to kill and destory. In that time, Adrian Sedeilman is having great difficulties. He always feels strange and nauseated. For the last 6 weeks, Cybersix and Lucas are together, and this is for good. One of Lucas's friends, Cron, has analized Cybersix's blood and confirm that she is not of any harm for him, they can live as a couple, a very loving couple.

Meanwhile, José's monster is going threw the city, and when everyone starts calling him a monster, he discovers what a monster is. Revolted by that, he asks José to make him a female companion, so he would no longer be alone. José offers him to create something with Data-7's and Cybersix's body parts. Fascinated by what he could make, he goes in the city, first looking for Data-7. The fight isn't long and the panther is capture. With his incredible nose, he finds Data-7's lair and in it, some of Cybersix's clothes with a picture of her. He smells a t-shirt and then goes to hunt Cybersix.

Smelling her, he goes threw the city, and finally gets to the university. In a room a teacher is speaking to is children, only one girl in the room, Lori, she must be the one he was hunting for. After class Lori comes and tries to seduce Adrian, but his respond is very angry, so she leaves the room feeling very sad. Adrian realizes he had just been a little rude and runs after her to speak with her. He goes to a park, where he hears Lori scream, and he sees a huge monster standing next to her. He seems disapointed, "It's not the right smell". The beast and Adrian start to speak to each other, and Adrian starts to push the beast, kind of making him mad. The monster attacks and hits Adrian's clothes, and his secret his now reveiled to the beast. Cybersix starts to run threw the city, but her oppenent is too fast. On a roof, they fight and she quickly looses. As the creature gets near to take her, he starts to smell her again. "I made a mystake. It's not you that I smelled... It's both of you". He can't kill someone carrying life in her. Killing the panther then becomes useless, so he leaves and reveils where he has hidden Data-7.

"Could I have a baby, Data?". The panther doesn't answer but starts to roar near his sister. To be sure, Cybersix makes an apointment with a doctor... She is really anxious, and goes thru the city to reach the hospital. In the waiting room, the doctor comes to see her. He looks at papers, saying nothing.

"Is there something wrong ?".

He then turns and says "congratulations, you will have a baby!"

Meanwhile, the beast returns to see José. He tells him he could not kill Cybersix because she was pregnant, and José seems surprised. He calls Von Reichter to tell him the news and the scientist, well, faints. He never succesfully had a baby from one of his creations, and now it worked.... Von Reichter calls his son back and tells him to send ALL of his men to find and bring her back alive to the labs. It's open season for Cybersix, time to hunt for abonimations and to makes reserves of sustenance. Von Reichter has no luck with the hunt and decides to use one of the clones he had made to play chess with. A british man (how in the name of hell did the british win the war?!?!?) named Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock works on Cybersix's project and gives informations to Von Reichter :

She is a rebel and an independant beeing, she hates Von Reichter, therefore she must like books and litterature. She likes modern peotry, and modern is really important because she looks at the world around her. So, she must the be working in a "literature-related" office.

To find her they must use what she likes and use someone with literary skills...
But she can detect all of Von Reichter's creature when she sees them, so they must find a way to avoid that.

Von Reichter is pleased with the conclusions and sends Sherlock back to is cell.

He sends a clone of Jorge Luis, a famous blind poet who happens to be one of Cybersix's favorites. The clone is sent into Meridiana, and he encounters Adrian, who knows the true Jorge is dead, but still, he goes to speak with him. Even though Jorge is a clone, he still has a vision and Adrian loves to speak with him. While speaking in a café they are spotted by a Fixed Idea and are forced to run. Adrian is forced to kill it and to hide with Jorge. They must leave each other, but Jorge agrees to meet Cybersix tomorrow. When Jorge goes back home, he tells José about the meeting and a trap is set. The next night, Cybersix sees the guards around Jorge, but goes to speak with him anyways...

As she thought, they try to capture her, but she quickly overcomes them and leaves with Jorge. In the sewer, they speak together and Jorge decide to live his own life, free. They leave each other and the old clone starts his new life.

Few days or weeks later, Cybersix decide to tell Lucas about the baby, but when she gets to his office at work, everyone is screaming and yelling. Lucas was on trip for a report and he got captured... What will happen to him....

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