A man is running on a bridge, he looks exhausted and tired. Looking back, he goes near the bridge and jumps while screaming. Dostoeivski is the officer in charge of the case. It looks like a suicide, but he wants to wait for the autopsy before closing the case.

Meanwhile, Adrian is speaking to his class, and Lori is staring at him, thinking "How can he teach when he's so hot". Adrian is in fact sweating alot, but still he keeps all his clothes on. Lori is starting to dream and stops paying attention to what's Adrian saying. She starts dreaming of what they could do together. When she wakes up from her dreams, the class is leaving. Someone near her is saying "Well, I thought he was going to say goodbye...". Lori is confused by that and wants to know why would Adrian say goodbye. She soon learns Adrian will soon take a 1 year vacation for personal needs. She tries to go speak with Adrian, but he already left without a trace.

Adrian is, in fact, in the bathroom (men's bathroom if you want to know) and while he is in a stall, Professor Strega comes in crying... Adrian tries to speak with him, but he leaves saying it's alright. Adrian doesn't believe in him follows him near his office so he can hear Strega speaking. Strega is with Doe, speaking of his friend's death. Doe tells him it's a suicide and he wants him to identify the body. Strega agrees, saying he will go to the morge today, but he can't right now. Doe leaves and Strega goes to call someone, and Adrian hears it's not a suicide that he and the person he's speaking with must soon leave. He hangs up and go near the door, and discover Adrian is there. Angry, he speaks with the little teacher and leaves.

As Adrian leaves, Strega speaks with his friend over the phone. They both need to hide for a moment, and Strega knows someone, a nice little teacher who might want to do them this favor. When they arrive at Adrian's appartement, they ask him for help. They tell him their terrible story. They used to play investigators, and they were trying both of them plus the guy who jumped (Umberto) to solve mysteries. And they were damn good. One night, Umberto was attacked by a creature, a intriguing creature, and they had started an investigation. They had come to a theory where someone was trying to take control of Meridiana, and they wrote a book on this theory. But Von Reichter learnt about this and killed Umberto.

Adrian is surprised by the story and offer shelter to the two intellectuals. As they slept, Adrian leaves and returns as Cybersix. Together they start to investigate and they find something pretty wierd, a cassette, which Umberto was sending to Von Reichter himself. On it they learn Umberto was working with Von Reichter, being his assitant and helping him to gets body parts form tribes in the jungle. Umberto had been working on a perfect being with Von Reichter and had made modifications without asking. The creature was a failure, and when VR saw that Umberto had made changes, he would kill him right away. So, he tried to unveil all of VR's project by writting a book with his two friends. He was hoping to the police would investigate what he was saying.

Learning the truth, Strega and his friend do publish the book, but the media, nor the police investigate the matter. The story and mystery around him fades with time...

Second part of the book is based on the cop team Heidi and Horovitz. Heidi is young woman who is paired with Horovitz, a small man who is a veteran from the law forces. They make a good team, but Heidi has one small problem that Horovitz knows. She likes to kill people... No, she loves to, and she has pleasure doing it. They are called one day to help a pregnant woman who was attacked by gansters. The woman is in fact Cybersix, who at the moment really starts to look pregnant.

Fighting with the Fixed Ideas, Heidi ends the fight by killing them. After doing a strange motion (which may makes us think of an orgasm) Horovitz and Heidi go to help Cybersix, who his on the ground. Horovitz looks at Cybersix and sees his daughter... He never saw her and only have a picture of her as 8 years old, but Dosto made him a portrait of how she may look today, and it looks just like Cybersix. So, he decides to take her with him and goes to Heidi to makes sure she is alright.

They give Cybersix some drugs and Horovitz goes to get a doctor. In the time, Cybersix wakes up and start to speak with Heidi. Both had lived an awful life, and they compared each other to see who had the worst... At the end, Cybersix spoke about Lucas, who had been taken hostage... She is crying... And while Heidi do her best to help Cybersix, she hears gun being armed. Josť is in the building with a load of Fixed Ideas. They had found them with the technos who infiltrated the police. As the Fixed ideas open the doors, 3 of them are killed by Heidi and 1 is left with Josť, who throws them a grenade has Horovitz arrives. He think both Heidi and his daughter are dead but they are in the other building. Cybersix had left with Heidi when they saw the grenade.

They come back and so does Josť, but with a bunch of Fixed Ideas. They are taken, and when they wake up, they are at the mansion tied to a big bullet. Josť didn't want to use the fancy laser so he used a good, old technic. Josť comes with Helmut to speak with Heidi. Josť learned Heidi's problem (the killing thing), and decides to have a little fun. He gives her a gun and tells she to kill either Horovitz or Cybersix. If she does, she lives, and so does the other. After a conflict where both ask Heidi to kill them, she goes for Horovitz choosing that Cybersix's life and baby are more important. But after killing him she has a moment of pleasure and Josť wants her... wants her NOW.

So he goes with her into his room and they make love. After doing it, Heidi asks for more and Josť brings many Fixed Ideas in the room so she can kill them and have a big orgasm. Josť agrees, and after she killed the men, she points the gun to Josť, "Bring Cybersix here, and let us leave". She had been faking with him all the time... They leave threw the the sewer, with Fixed Ideas running behind them... Heidi asks Cybersix to go on a different path, she will take care of the FI's. They both look at each other. Cybersix understands that what she is doing is suicide, but lets he go anyways. Heidi runs and shoots at the Fixed Ideas, some fall but she out of ammo. That last thing she thought before she died was, "At least did something good today..." She was then killed by the Fixed Ideas...

Cybersix is sad knowing that no more sound meant Heidi was dead, but she is still alive and her baby too, so she must stay alive and fight for her life. Lucas is still alive and will soon have a child of his own...

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