First part of the book is a tribute to fantasy world and especially to The Legend of King Arthur. In the beginning, Von Reichter found, the first book and the original story of King Arthur. In it lies the precise emplacement of Merlin's tomb, the most powerful magician the world had ever hold. Von Reichter is convinced those informations are true and head to Ireland, trying to find some rest of the magician to clone him and make him his servant. Krumens is against that idea, thinking his master went crazy and shouldn't beleive in such tales.

But as they search for the tomb, Von Reichter, in his first attempts find the scelled tomb of the magician, who had been resting here for century. But to their biggest surprise, the magician is still alive waiting for his humility to come back, after having been tricked by a woman... Most fascinated by what he can see, Von Reichter hits the fragile magician to bring him in his lab for further investigations.

Has he finds, the little man respond to pain and wake up in his jungle, in the lab...

The German scientist, with quick thinking, tells he his a king in this world and needs Merlin's help to bring him back, a renagade who's threathening his power over the land. Has this situation looks strangley like one of Merlin's past adventure, he decide to help Von Reichter's to find the woman called "Cybersix".

Merlin is sent to Josť, where he gives in some informations to find the renegade. But instead of searching Merlin uses his magical powers to find Cybersix and quickly finds Cybersix is Adrian by day. He is most interrested by this and instead of capturing her, he starts to search for more info. He finds many of them while entereing Lori's mind. There he finds about Lucas, Data-7 and many others. He his starting to doubt about the true intention of his master but when he sees her attacking a Techno and sucking the sustenance, he forget them and bring her to Josť.

There Josť is astounished. He brought her back, and in one day. He is very pleased and decides to tells his father the good news and ask him for something, 24 hours with her. He brings Cybersix, who's still enchanted by Merlin's spell and start to rape her. Josť is screaming in joy, he loves that. But suddenly she disappears. She was a fake, an hologram, Merlin wanted to test the real Von Reichter's family's intentions and has he saw Josť acting, he free her. Josť tries to stop him but all his guards turned into stone.

Merlin brings back Cybersix into her appartement and disapear, back into his tomb where he still think about his defeat, against a woman...

Second part of the book is more serious, darker and involves very interresting facts.

Von Reichter's searching for new bodies, the one he has is starting to be old and he needs to transfer himself and Krumens into a new body. For Krumen, he choosed a woman, and for him a man called Rigopoulos. He looks incredibly stupid and normal and that's what Von Reichter one. The body he had taken from Maxime Piu, is too perfect. He looks like a genious, like a master, and this is a disadvantages.

When Josť receives the order from his father to go get those body, he can't beleive his father choosed some ugly fat man. He has to be a bait...

On the other side of the city, Cybersix is tired of being Adrian Sedeilman all the time, she feels guilty about the way she stolen his identity. Had she the rights to do this ? How could she do this. This won't hide him forever, she is depressing on that.

And in the darkness a small man is taking picture of Adrian, walking behind him, taking informations. That man is Maxime Piu, a private detective, yes the men who Von Reichter's stolen his previous body. He's doing a job for Abraham Seidelman who's a rich man searching for it's lost grandson.

Abraham consultant is Rigopoulos, the man VR is searching for. Maxime Piu has convince Adrian to go see his grandfather, who'll soon be dying. She comes to meet the old man, who's near his dead. He offers him all his money and properties. He his speaking to Adrian, but he's afraid, he feels guilty. He must get out of this situation...

Cybersix decides to go out as a woman and go to speak with the old man, and tells him Adrian doesn't want the money. But the old man, refuse with his last breath. Cybersix is now full of guilt. Adrian will inherit the money, but she isn't Adrian, it would be like playing into the real Adrian's life.

The story ends strangely as the keeper of the family money, tells Adrian he can't receive the money, well, because he had been declared dead. It will go to a public fondation.

Meanwhile Maxime Piu with the old Von Reichter's body succesfully keep Rigopoulos away from VR, putting him in a rage never saw before!

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