Cybersix is lost... She now wanders in the city. Her routine is now simple. Find one of Von Reichter's creatures, take it's sustenance, kill it and take it's cash. She is disguested by her own doing. How could she go this far? She needs to get away from this kind of life. She has a friend, who might help him doing so.. Adrian...Adrain Seidelman.

Becoming Adrian Seidelman is her only chance to get back to normal. It's her last option. So she decides to call Pr. Strega and ask him for some money and a job. The old professor did not forgot what Adrian one did for him and offers him both, with the suggestion of taking a good shower.

Meanwhile, Von Reichter has been very concerned with all his creatures being killed one by one and has set a new plan. Josť will use all of the creatures that are not fully important to the "cause" and they will be sent in the city to tell lies to Cybersix about her son. In fact she don't even know what is the sex of her child... Based on that, Von Reichter want to confuse Cybersix so much, and plunge her in a so deep depression that she will eventually commit a suicide or surrender. Yes, this plan was perfect.

Cybersix is her side planning to get her son back. She's taking a walk, imagining a plan. Taking Josť in hostage and exchange it for her son. Yes that would work... Maybe...

Josť has just dispatched the Fixed Idea in the city and wants on his side to go as far of the action as possible and goes in the prostitutes part of the city, far away from his men. But turning a corner, he hits... Cybersix. Can this be real? No it must be a trap... She looks around and sees no Fixed Idea ready to jump on her. How strange, she now has Josť well tied in the sewers, and sends the message to Helmut. The rage in which Von Reichter is putted is incredible.

VR is now in a big conflict, his son, his own flesh taken, or the son of Cybersix, the first baby from one of his creatures. And he deicdes to go to Meridiana himself to treat the "situation" by himself. With Cybersix son he goes to meet Cybersix and prepare the exchange. In an old desafected church, he meets the creation he hates so much. Cybersix is indeed there, but without Josť. First she wants Cron to run some analysis on the baby, to be sure Von Reichter didn't trick her. She waits and they come, it is her baby, the DNA matchs. This is as you can all guess a pure moment of joy for her and she goes to releive Josť to VR. But while doing this, the baby disapears from Cron labs... And is heading back to the mansion ?!?!

The baby was in fact a living bomb, going to destroy Cybersix, but she had fled to find Cybersix again. What about DNA? Well, VR used his own DNA to create the clone-bomb, he also used his DNA to create the Cybers, so it looked as if it was her baby. But the baby came back to the mansion where Cybersix had just left Josť, and when Von Reichter sees it, the bomb explodes... Nearly killing Josť... His plan failed again.

The second part of the book is a little more like what we are used to. In the mansion, Helmut receives a call from Krumen, back in the jungle. Cybersix's baby is amazing. It is a supreme human on all aspects and Von Reichter is amazed by him. Soon, when he will have grown up, he will be the new leader, helping Von Reichter in his "so noble" goals. The problems is that Josť is listening to the phone and gets really mad at his father. He wants to kill him, to be in charge and for that he will need an army.

We change place as we see Cybersix dressed as Adrian Seidelman reading a book. She is bored and decide to go take a walk on the top of the city as Adrian this time. She goes from top to top when she sees a girl jumping from a building. Just in time is she able to catch her and stop her death. But the girl is confused, she wanted to die, why was she saved? She is kind of histeric, and Cybersix decides to go take a coffee with her. They speak and she now knows her grand-father just died. It was a nice man named Follamour, the very sadly known Dr. Follamour.

The little girl loved him very much and did not beleived the story told by the media about her grand-father but Adrian did too know about him, because Lucas had written an article saying the truth about Follamour, a scientist of germany who had claim a nuclear war would be good for unity allowing the race to select his best elements to have an hundread years later, a perfect race. But even with Adrian telling her all this she don't want to beleive all this. So Cybersix leaves her with Yashimoto, and goes to take the references in Lucas' appartement... Lucas... It has been such long time she has see him...

She comes back with the informations and the girls is disguested... She wants to go home but something strange has happened, some "big men" stole her grand-father corpse in the graveyard... They didn't even pay attention to her yelling them to stop... She goes back crying to her house.

It's in fact Josť who has make his Fixed Idea take the old Dr. Follamour to the mansion so he can ressurect him. This way, he would have a great ally in his crusade against his father. Once reborn, Josť reads the report of the Fixed Idea and learns about the girl. "Those idiots Fixed Idea left a witness...". He decides the girls must be eliminated so no ones knows about his "operations". He goes to the mention with Follamour and when there, they find the girl alone. Surrounded by Fixed Idea, Josť orders Follamour to kill the girl for the cause. But the old man seems to hesitate and at cannot kill his grand-daughter... He decides to kill himself, for he is already dead and shouldn't be alive. Josť is amazed, and orders the Fixed Idea to kill the girl... But Cybersix who was searching for the girl arrives and a new battle errupts. She kills them, the Fixed Idea and when she gets to Josť, she press the trigger, but no more ammo. Josť flees now alone and afraid of the screaming Cyber.

The scene change and we learn the name of Cybersix's son, Gengis, after the great emperor. The baby is outside of the labs near the fence, and he seems to be willing to go. But as he tries to jump, Krumen grabs him. "Strange, it almost felt like the baby wanted to kill himself...". But it is nonsens, babies are not suicidal.

The scene change again and we see Cybersix, crying and hoping her baby will not be entirely corrupted by Von Reichter, and that one day, she will see it again.

The French serie of Cybersix ends this way, but it is not the "End" of the serie. In fact, due to problem with their editors, Carlos Meglia and Trillo stopped at this point. Let's hope they make more later.

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