Cybersix found a new victim, a chip who takes the same walk every night, alone, he will make a nice meal for her, full of pure sustenance. He is alone, in a small path, and so she attacks, the chips tries to flee but she is faster and finally gets to him. She is getting near her neck and then, Josť comes in with Fixed Idea. A trap, a baith. She's in trouble. Fighting with her enemies, when she finaly seems to get the advantage, the chip takes his gun and shoot her in the leg. She's badly hurt and she tries to flee but they keep up. Her wound stops her from jumping as usual so she tries to hide in a building, but her blood loss is leading the monster to her. No she can't wait, a last chance, she try to run and jump from a roof "god help me" but she can't reach the side and start falling... falling until a strange creature takes her away, moving like tarzan.

This huge man, brings Cybersix to a safe place and bandage her. He then bring her to Adrian's appartement and he leaves. She never saw his face.

Next day at the school a lady come to meet Adrian Seidelman. The man who saved Cybersix last night wants to meet her again. Adrian's arrange a meeting with the lady, Chantal Steinberg, where she will meet Cybersix in a local bar. Later this night the talk begins and Cybersix finaly learns who her hero is. He's "Grogro", a Gorilla, and he wants to meet her. Having saved her life, Cybersix decides to go meet this man...err. Gorilla.

GroGro is in fact a product of ingenering, like Cybersix but from an other creator Dr. Maluff. This doctor once was the assitant of Von Reichter but he stole his work for his own profit. GroGro had leaved the lab where he was raised (he can talk) but now he has been traced back by Maluff and he is scared to death. "How could I kill my own creator, could you kill your creator Cybersix"... The answer is obvious, "No...Never, but I might be able to help you.". And that is what she does, she tracks the scientist in the city, but how can she proceed?

She wants to lets say "speak" with her brother, but he has disapered. Taking risks she goes to check at Josť's mansion to see if he has been caught. And he as been... An idea comes to her mind, she tells Von Reichter where's Maluff and he releases Data-7. Josť who has to give the message to Von Reichter laugh at this idea, he doesn't know who Maluff is and is sure is father will never accept this "deal", but when he calls, the old nazi turns red or anger and after a few minutes decides to let Data-7 go.

Cybersix stays to her word and gives the exact location of Dr. Maluff. Von Reichter sends 200 Fixed Idea which kill the Dr. Maluf with, it was said in the newspaper "had over 500 bullets in the body".

Second story of the books invloves around Fratello Pipo a very strange creature made by Von Reichter. You see Von Reichter started to need cash, his creature do cost money to produce and lately, Josť had not brought lots of fresh money. Von Reichter had previously work with television by bringning some of his creation to the producers. Some movies who had won oscars for special effects were in fact having real people killed and real skull talking. This time Von Reichter created Fratello Pipo, a small buddy who could wipe out Mickey Mouse any time. His plan is to launch Fratello Pipo on the screen and sale clone of him to kids, clone who would teach the millions of kids the "Von Reichter's Conception of World".

Cybersix sees the ads on TV and is no dupe, it must be a creature of Von Reichter... But she can't see its eyes. So she makes a deal with Lucas, the new director of the "El Independant", she goes as a journalist "Anita Fatal" (name given by Yashimoto) and question the little kid. It's one of Von Reichter's creature, as she discover.

But she must now try to discredit the little friendly creature. And she follows them to the mansion. And she sees something amazing, Fratello Pipo is angry, he doesn't like anything he eats. He's yelling and insulting Helmut and Josť. And as Helmut tries to calm Fratello Pipo, he gets biten. And Fratello likes that... He is canibal oh god. Quickly, she takes a few pictures and Lucas puts it on the front page.

Fratello Pipo on his side, is sent to Von Reichter where he is "taken care of" (axe).

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