Lucas thinks Adrian is having an affair with Cybersix, and he tries to speak with Adrian about the subject. They both walk into the bathroom, when Adrian suddenly realizes where he is, and turns to leave the room while Lucas is doing his business. Outside Adrian waits for Lucas but finds Josť is there, searching for Lori. He turns, "She is here". He runs after smelling her. Adrian runs away to save his identity. But he comes out as Cybersix. A little fight with Josť where the little guy takes the advantage. She struggles but her vision his fading, as he gets his hands around her neck, a last act to survive; she hits him with her nails. For the first time, Josť sees his own blood, which scares him and he runs away.

Later, Adrian is walking in the streets of Meridiana, it's election time and a candidate (A Techno, Gago) is running for president. Adrian doesn't want this to happen at any cost, even if it means revealing his true identity to the world. Maybe she could kill Gago, or find something really bad about him that Lucas could publish in "El Idependiente", his friend's newspaper. When night comes, she goes to speak with Lucas; we find 3 people are beating him up for certain information. Cybersix quickly takes care of them and learn that they were sent by Josť to recover information Lucas was gathering on Gago. Gago, some years ago, was into children's organs trafficking, enough to bring his downfall from the election.

Josť learns that Lucas still has the files on Gago, and so he decides to kill Gago and replace him with a techno with no past and nothing to discredit him. The new man, Anton Romance, gets elected. From now on, Josť controls everything, the banks, the media, and the information. He controls the votes and manipulates the results. Soon to be elected by over 75 %, Cybersix and Lucas learn Anton may have serious sexual needs. He likes to wear school a uniform while sucking a woman's breast. Cybersix and Lucas successfully take the picture but Cybersix is wounded by a gunshot. Josť is exhausted and it's too late for them to launch another candidate, so they drop the politics project, for now. He kills Anton Romance and his mistress.

Now enters the new plans from Von Richter to annihilate his problems in Meridiana. First he creates Chrysalide-1, a beautiful women who kills people by making love to them. He also create Helmut, a young child, the clone of Krumen, who will be the shadow of Josť. Last but not the least, he has a clone of Cybersix; based on the genetic files he had on her when she was eight years old. This clone is now fully grown, and loyal. She looks like a copy of the real Cybersix, and a close enough match so Von Richter can learn everything about Cybersix.

The clone investigates, and learns about Julian and Data-7. She meets Lucas and one night and makes love to him. The next day, Lucas tells what happened to Adrian and they have a little fight,

"You could not have been with her Lucas, she was with me!"

Cybersix finally meets her clone, although they think alike, they can't hear each other minds. The clone doesn't want Cybersix to be killed, it would be like killing herself, so how can they get out of this situation? They trick Josť, and make them believe Cybersix killed the clone and took her place so Cybersix could kill Josť himself. But the little boy escapes and the clone goes away, working on a ship, although they don't say how she can survive without sustanence.

In the end of the book, Von Richter talks about Big Bang, his perfect human. This was his first creation in his labs. He thinks Big Bang is still alive and wants him back. The story changes and goes to Meridiana, where Adrian has to go speak with one of the teachers at the school, who is madly in love and doesn't come to work anymore. Going to her home, Adrian crosses path with a little man and feels attracted to him. But why? At Boom's apartments (Boom is the teacher in love), Boom tells Adrian about Big Bang, and that he is the absolute best lover. The sex is best of all earth, Adrian nods looking kind of distant. Booms falls asleep and suddenly Big Bang enters the room. He sees Adrian and want to speak with him in private. There he tells Adrian that he knows Adrian is a creature from Von Richter. Big Bang gets near Adrian and takes his shirt off. He knew Adrian is a woman, and a beautiful one, but Cybersix refuses his sexual propositions because she already loves someone. Then some very funny things happen but I can't tell you. You have to read it to enjoy it.

The story ends, she leaves. She goes to bed and we see every character of the comic dreaming and wake up at the same time when Von Richter screams with rage in his lab.

Comic Shots

No nudity shots will be show.

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