Cybersix is lying in a small street, trying to hold on to a ramp. Behind her is a techno, he sees her and understand it's Cybersix, the rebel one. As he tries to jump on her, she quickly moves and hit him. "Stupid techno, you thought I was drunk ?!?". She drinks his sustenance and leave him there. In the street, there's a man standing, not saying a word. Cybersix flees thiking he was a person confused by what he had just seen.

The next day, Cybersix starts to read a fiction book from G.A.A. Arcano. It's the story of an archangel who, by error, kills a innocent boys and looses immortality. The archangel wanted to kill the next dictator of the world, but when Gabriel tried to shoot him, the round hit a young boy, Toby Nadal "Killed by a bullet before he could know how crazy the men are." Arcano is the one who was following Cybersix, and one night in the subways, he kills a techno who had saw Cybersix as Adrian and had recognized her. Arcano comes to speak with Cybersix and reveals his true identity, Gabriel, the archangel. In the story everythings that was said is true. Gabriel needs Cybersix's help to find another archangel, Michel (Michèle as he is now a woman in this life) who has been kidnapp by José.

The same night, Cybersix and Gabriel went in the harbor where José was going to see the new Angel-1 model. Cybersix lets herself be seen by the Fixed Idea and takes Von Reichter's creature away from the stockhouse so Gabriel can go see his friend Michèle. But it's not her, it's her clone, and they fight together until they both finaly die...

The second part of the books talks about Schneider, a professor who was a rival of Von Reichter during the second world war. While Von Reichter was working on genetic manipulations, Schneider relied upon robotics. His goal was to create a human with a metal body and incredible abilities. His project gained supporters in the 3rd Reich and Von Reichter hired men to kill his rival. Von Reichter watched him die for some minutes before leaving the body in a street. Many years later, in the present, many of Von Reichter's men are being killed, by (as he now knows), Schneider's robot. One of Schneider's robots is the all new Tristan-1, made with the brain of a rebel singer who was hit by a car. He once crossed Cybersix on the street but he never spoke to her. He always said in his head "I should have spoken with you white woman". Tristan once again encounters Cybersix but now he is a robot, and though their feelings are strange, they do like each other. They become friends and work together. The tention between Schneider and Von Reichter is growing and a duel is made, the best of the creature of Schneider versus the best of Von Reichter.

The battle is José vs. Tristan-1. On paper José has no chance, but the little adult has a trick up his sleeve: he knows how the robot works. The robot isn't controlled, but he receive orders from the home base, there if he does not obey them, he recieves electric charges. José sends his men to destroy Schneider's base, hoping this will help him to win. During the battle, the Fixed Ideas succesfully blow up Schneider's house and Tristan becomes confused. But, when José tries to finish him, Cybersix stops him. Starting to understand he is no longer connected, he fights José and saves Cybersix's life. In the end, we learn that Schneider was killed in the explosion.

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