Cybersix is walking on the street meets a female techno. While fighting, she's reciting a text of J.G. Ballard in her head. A text called "I Beleive In".

I beleive in the power of imagination to rebuild the world, to free the truth, to delay the night, to be one with the birds, to bring out the dead and have the be trust by everyone.

I beleive in madness, in the veracity of the inexpliquable, in feelings of rocks, in the cyclothymia of flowers, in sickness brought on Earth by Apollo.

I beleive in headaches, in the trouble of the twilight, in the fear of calendars, in disfunctions of the clocks.

I beleive the past doesn't exist, the future is dead, and in the infinite possiblities of the present.

I beleive in the unreality of the existence, in the the whims of the volcanos, in the nonsense of magnetism, in the joke of the geometry, in the cruelty of arithmetic and in the mortal danger of logic.

I beleive in the the odor suigeneris of M. Lady D.

I beleive in alcoholism, in venereal diseases, in fever and in anguish.

I beleive in pain.

I beleive in hope.

I beleive in childhood.

I beleive in roadmaps, in diagrams, in skill games, in trashs, in airplane schedules and in chaix.

I beleive in all excuses.

I beleive in all reasons.

I beleive in all hallucinations.

I beleive in all conflicts.

I beleive in all mythologies, in souvenirs, in lies, in fantastics, in evasions.

I beleive in the next five minutes.

I beleive in mystery, in a soft hand, in the kindness of the others and in the knowledge of the moon.

When she is hunting in the night, trying to find sustanence. She always says those words to reminds her she is someone. To remind her all is possible. As she just finished taking sustanence, she goes to get a good meal with Maura. They speak together all night, and the waiter has to ask them to leave because they are closing... As they leave a car passes and nearly run them over. But they suddenly stop a throw a nude woman out of the car. Cybersix and Maura go to check things out. With the problems she seems to have, the police are not the best people to call, so they bring her in an old dancing lesson place. There she awaken and look at them... They start to speak, the lady starts to say she is well known, she was kindnapped in the El Independant. When Cybersix hears places name, she decides to call Lucas. She starts to explain she just found one of his employees. And he ask which one? The lady answers "Frank Rabitti".

"Frank ?!? Is that a pseudo???". Cybersix tells her that Frank Rabitti is a man... "But I am a man!!!". Frank goes to the mirror in the room and says "See I'm a man!!". She turns and see she's in fact a woman... She faints...

When the woman wakes up (the 2nd time), Lucas Amato is there. Now they start asking questions. "What were you doing?", "Who are you really". Even if she has very convincing answer, they don't beleive her. So they go together to the police office where Dostovsky will help them identify the woman. The result is astounishing, she's Isabella Beach, a serial killer... As Doe brings the handcuffs to arrest Isabella, she start to panic and flees.

Minutes later, Cybersix leaves the police departement and is goes home. On her way, Isabella meets her. She ask for help, for a shelter. Cybersix says she has a friend, Adrian Seidelman, who might help her, go there and you'll see. She leaves and go change in her appartement, waiting for Isabella to come. Adrain helps the woman, and as she want a drink, he offers her a whisky... But she get drunk... When Adrian isn't looking, Isabella leaves to go to Frank's apartment. She starts screaming . " Come out, whoever you are !!" Lucas and Cybersix arrive at the scene and go upstair where Frank Rabitti really is. They start questioning, and although Frank seems a little slow, he has all the answers right. Isabella is feeling strange... How can she have the same memory ??? Cybersix wants to invertigate a little more, alone...

At the mansion, she looks for someone who could know... Not a dumb Fixed Idea, nor this stupid tennis player... All she knows are racket brands. But there's Helmut, Josť's assitant. He would be a good pick. As he walks under a tree, he "suddenly" disappears into the leaves. Cybersix follows him into the sewers to question him. After a few minutes, Helmut, who pukes on her, tells Cybersix what she wants to know. They played with Rabitti's body. He was about to discredit a Nuclear Power Plant project and they decided to kidnapp him, and make his brain controllable with a special helmet. The problem is, Josť was in love with Isabella Beach and she tryed to kill him. Helmut went to his rescue and killed the serial killer. But Josť still wanted her to be alive, so instead of throwing Rabitti's brain in the garbage, they put it into Isabella's body. When she opened her eyes again, Josť was really disapointed with the result and asks a fixed Idea to take care of the body. They trowed it in the streets of Meridiana. The truth is reveiled... Cybersix lets Helmut go and she goes to tell all this to Lucas and Isabella. When Isabella realize she won't be able to get out of this body, one things comes to her mind: they have to stop the Nulcear Power Plant project even if Rabitti's body is still being controled.

Isabella and Cybersix enters in the mansion and they stay very quiet. They learn Josť is alone in the basement controlling the body. They go in, and after knocking out Von Reichter's son, Isabella takes the helmet and does the speach she would have done... After they quickly leave the mansion. The Power Plant project was refused....

Second story in the book features Dumas, a famous serie. Dumas is a woman who was beleived to be dead, but now she's a special agent in counter-terrorism. She looks a lot like Cybersix except she has freckles on her face. She is running in a street, and killing bad guys... As she crosses the street, she saw a huge truck coming... But he wasn't supposed to be there... She moved out of its way just in time, and escapes with a small injury... At the same time in Meridiana, Adrian is speaking with his students about famous detectives, and, as usual, Lori doesn't seem to be paying attention. After class, Adrian goes to speak with her. She has problems. Her father was gambling and lost, and now she needs $5000.... After Dumas' accident, they are looking for a double, $1000 a day. Lori ask Adrian if he could ask to Cybersix to do that for her, she would be very greatful.. Adrian says he will ask her...

And here is Cybersix, jumping in front of cameras for a T.V. serie... After her first day of work, Dumas comes to see Cybersix and start to speak with her. She appreciate what she's doing, and Cyb is doing a great job! As they are speaking Cybersix notices a part of the scene is falling. Just in time, she push Dumas away. It's the second time in two days. The producer can't stand it, someone is trying to kill Dumas... He calls the police to start an investisgation. Since Dumas is still alive and healthy because of Cyb Seidelman (her actress name, she can't say her real name). Dumas decides to buy a diner to her new double. While eating, they start speaking about their lives. Dumas had a nice childhood until her father came back. He was a german scientist, Morton Sheile. His father was an SS officer, performing horrible acts on children. He finally killed her mother in a car accident, but he kept her alive to make some experiment on her dying body...

As the story progresses, Cybersix is im doubt. Maybe she has some relations with Dumas... Maybe... In the time, Lydia Scheile (It's Dumas real name) again suffers an attack. And she is now in the hospital. Cybersix goes to visit her and notices no one is guarding her room. Strange for such a celebrity. Cybersix hears a noise. Someone is in Lydia's room. A woman. It is Morton Sheile's assitant (Morton is Lydia's father). They are trying to do some kind of operation on Lydia. But with Cybersix comes in and a fight follows. A man, who was helping the strange woman, hits Cybersix behind the head. They leave, and no one witnesses to their acts.

Here is the truth. Morton wanted to kidnapp his daughter to make her a child. To her own daughter, the "perfect" child (eww). Cybersix was able to find them back and to stop the situation. Morton dies.. Killed by a shot. Lydia, a week later, tells Cybersix she never thought seeing your own dad dead would be happy for someone.

Note : Many facts were not written here. For many reason. First of all, it would have been pure gore. Also because I don't want to give all hints. So take care all. It's all I'll write for this one.

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