This book contains lots of "dream fictions" I won't describe them because they are not relevant to the story but heck they are so good.

The last Cyber is being hunted, hunted down like a animal. Hunted down for the life she carries with her. The pregnancy brings one problem to Cybersix, she can't jump anymore, so she wanders in the city walking thru the old buildings, hoping for her survival and her baby. When Fixed Idea see her they run to catch her, but she flee, going in scarpyard or heven trash dump. She can't go the Adrian's appartement, the owner of the building is a little paranoid and watch everyone who comes inside.

On the other side of the world, Lucas is trying to break free, break free of the people who holds him back. He's hallucinating, or is he really? He sees Cybersix, alone, pregnant, his baby! More then ever, he wants to go back to see her, but where he is, guards are looking at him...He can't...

Cybersix is still running from Fixed Idea when she has her first contractions. She wants to go in an hospital go they are guarded by Von Reichter's men. She can see their eyes, this is no safe place for her. She prepare for the worst, having her baby alone, when in the rain, she sees an ambulance, she screams for help. And at the moment she thinks the ambulance would not come, they stop and turn back, to help her. It's pain, having her baby hurts, and Data-7 feels she needs him and so he start searching for her. Maura and Dostovski hears a woman scream while speaking of Cybersix, they go to see.

Finaly, Cybersix has a baby, a son, while the pain is coming down she realize something, she is surrounded by Technos. It was a trap to have her baby. she starts to fight back with them. Data-7 gets on place and fights the Technos, Maura and Dosto comes on place also, they see the fight and try to help. Confusion, the baby chnages hands. Maura get it and try to bring him away from the fight but she his hit and a female techno take the baby. She gets in the ambulance and go away at full speed. Cybersix, nude, is in the street under the rain... They took her baby...

A day or two passes, and Von Reichter is concerned. He received a videocasette from Meridiana. The baby is still there for one precious reason, Cybersix is mad. "Why ?!? Before, she who just take their". Now in fact she kills them, using guns, she fights to gain her boy back. Von Reichter's is concerned by the cost of this operation, all those creatures dead is an awfull lot of money wasted.

Von Reichter is also very concerned about the stupidity of his creatures. He wonders why those stupid Fixed Idea posted a camera instead of a sniper! They could have solved the problem but no... They had to put a Fixed Idea with a "%$&%$&%& camera".

He wants the child now, before it's too late, and he sends Josť to the airport with it. All the way, they are chased by Cybersix, who's screaming "Give me back my child!!". Men are falling around Josť, but he gets to the airport, where the baby takes a plain, to go see... his grandfather...

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