Lucas’ eyes widened. More electric bolts flashed. He ran up to the black object. His heart beat fast and his stomach was tight with anticipation. He could see what it was.

Cybersix. Her costume severed, her cape shredded, her hair messed up and there was blood coming out of her left arm. Barely alive, she struggled to get up. Then she fell, flat onto the sand. She was dying.

“Cybersix!” Lucas yelled. His voice echoed through the hills.

She didn’t answer back. She just lay there, unconscious.

Lucas didn’t waste anytime. He gently picked her up and ran to his car. In his arms, he could feel her heart beat. He could even feel her breathe. Nothing else in the world mattered to Lucas right now, except for Cybersix’s life. Finally he opened the car door and placed her in the back seat. Blood and Water dripped everywhere.

He got in and started to drive. Lucas was so worried about the almost-dead Cyber woman in the back seat of his car, he almost missed the turn into the highway.

Quickly dodging the destruction on the streets, Lucas looked back to Cybersix. Her hair has out of place. She looked more like Adrian now. Distant memories stared to flood Lucas’ head. The memories of the first morning he met Adrian. And the first night Cybersix saved his life.

The memories of how Cybersix was physically stronger than him, but how her weakness trapped her into the cold darkness. He mostly remembered how she would talk to him when she was feeling down, or when she was terribly worried about something.

Slowly the horrible though sharply stabbed his already confused mind. Sustenance. Where was he going to find this “need” for Cybersix? Was there an extra supply hidden in her apartment? Were there any Technos and Fixed Ideas still alive? Was José still alive?

Tears began to streak down Lucas’ tired and distressed face. How was he going to find sustenance? How was he going to save Cybersix?

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