After the Isle of Doom exploded on the Lab of Von Riechter, the city people started to mourn the loss of Meridiana. Buildings were torn apart and dispersed across the cracked streets. Pieces of broken glass was underneath everyoneís feet. No one in the whole city knew why the Isle of Doom destroyed Meridiana. They had no hope anymore.

Lucas returned to the High School hoping to see Adrian sitting at his desk, marking papers. Lucas slowly walked down the ripped hallway. Desks were smashed and bits of wood covered the long hall floor. Lucas stopped dead at Adrianís door. He sighed. Slowly opening the door his face was expressionless because he knew what to expect. Adrian was not there.

The bell rang sharply, breaking the cold and empty silence. Students cautiously began to fill the hall, being careful of the mess.

Lori walked in. Her face was as blank as Lucasí She looked toward Adrianís room. Knowing he was not there, she moved on silently to her class.

During class, Lucas noticed the absence of most of his students. They must have died during the downfall of Meridiana. The principal walked into the classroom, declaring dismissal for the school. It would give people time to reflect and start over. Lucas walked out of the school and headed to the little restaurant he always went to. With Adrian. He ordered coffee. Lucas sat quietly as he drank. He look up at the empty chair where Adrian used to sit. Lucas reached into his pocket and pulled out Adrian glasses that Lori gave to him. He immediately started to think of Cybersix.

He knew Adrianís deep secret now. Adrian was Cybersix. Thatís why he was so isolated the first day they met. Thatís why Adrian tried to warn him about Josťís circus. And why he didnít like hospitals. Lucas finally started to understand why Cybersix didnít want to get too close, and why she counted on the darkness of the night to hide her feelings. Even so, Lucas still cared about her.

It soon began to get dark. Lucasí mind was filled with questions. The time passed quickly. Lucas decided to drive to the beach. He got in his car and drove down the shattered road and made his way to the beach.

He needed to get away from the corrupt and broken city. He stepped out of the car and walked to the waterís edge. He watched the sun sink into the dark ocean. The sound of the ocean soothed his heart and his confused mind.

Suddenly, something in the distance caught the corner of his eye. A small, but bright electric bolt danced around on the sand. His eyes wandered over the electricity. It was coming from something black

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