Julian helped Kayla to her feet. She wasn't seriously hurt. She had a few bruises, but other than that she felt fine. Kiara still stood there. She turned around to see Julian and Kayla in pain.

"I'm sorry. It was my fault..." Kiara pleaded.

Kayla walked up to Kiara, but she backed away in fear of another fight. Julian stepped forward.

"What are you?" he questioned with wide eyes. Kiara tried to smile, but she could.

"I was human once. A very long time ago. I witnessed the murder of the CYBER SERIES, and for that I was killed. Von Riechter brought me back to life, but...this isn't life. This is pain." she said sadly. Her head turned towards the ground so no one could see her eyes well up with hot tears. Kayla didn't know what to say. What if this child was lying. The whole situation didn't seem right to Kayla.

"Who was that man?" she asked as she held her left arm.

"That was Blade One. He is the new creation of Von Riechter. He was sent to destroy you, and to take me back to the lab. I'm not evil. I want to get away from him and live a normal life, but it just can not be." she said quietly. Kiara reminded her of Cybersix when she talked like this.

"I should go now. Please don't follow me. If you ever run into Blade One again, don't think, just run." Kiara said as she walked onto the ledge of the building.

"Goodbye..." she said. Kiara slipped off the roof and disappeared. Kayla looked over the edge to see if she had left for good. Kiara was no where in sight.
"I still don't trust her," she muttered to herself as she picked Julian up and cradled him in her arms. Julian looked back at her with worried eyes.

"Are you alright Kayla?" he said as he looked up into her distressed face. Kayla smiled warmly at him.

"I think so Julian," she said as she swallowed hard.

"Do you remember her? When you were little?" he ask as he lay in Kayla's arms.

Kayla closed her eyes tightly. She didn't remembered her. All she remembered was the chambers and Von Riechter and death. Kayla swallowed her tears and sighed quietly to her self.

"No...............no," she said as she hesitated for a moment. Kayla smiled at Julian.

"Come on, let's go home. I'm sure it's almost morning," she said. Julian nodded and began to close his eyes. Kayla moved across the city as fast as she could as she thought about Kiara. She was different, and strange. It was best for Kayla and Julian if they didn't met up again. Julian snored softly in Kayla's cradling arms. She took him home.........

.........The sun slowly began to surface on the city. The waters shifted back and forth with gentle ease. Kiara sat on the head of the angel statue, looking out on the beautiful colors on the sea. She looked down at her bandaged arm. Kayla crossed her mind. If only she hadn't come to Meridiana, she wouldn't have put her in danger. Blade One would have never attacked.

But who was this strange Cyber and how did she escape? Kayla seemed so distant from the rest of the world. Kiara remembered how they fought. Kayla was much more advanced in her fighting skills than Kiara. That is why she has survived this long.

Blade One would have taken her away if it wasn't for Kayla. Kayla's katana flashed in her mind. Blade One and Kayla were almost an equal match. Kiara sensed that Kayla was just as scared as she was, but Kayla had Julian to trust. Kiara pushed her hair back as the wind battered it about. She knew Kayla didn't trust her. She had her reasons. Kayla had been running for so long, it was hard to know who was and who was foe.

>Kiara plummited down from the angel and onto the road. She headed towards the market. People crowded the streets. Kiara kept her head down so no one would see her face. She walked down the aisle of stands. She found Julian, sitting quietly on the steps of an abandoned apartment. He stared sadly at the small gold chain necklace in deep thought. Kiara approached him. Julian turned his eyes towards her.

"I'm sorry Julian..." she said as she stood in front of him. Julian looked at her in pity. She wasn’t evil, she couldn't be.

"Will I ever see you around here?" Julian asked as he stood up. Kiara shrugged.

"Maybe," she said simply. Julian smiled. He stuck out his hand towards Kiara.
"I'm glad we met Kiara. And I mean that," Julian said happily.

Kiara blinked, then took hi hand and held it for a moment.

"Me too Julian, me too," she replied, and with that she walked off and turned the corner. Julian went to catch up with her to give her necklace back, but she had disappeared once again. Julian smiled, and placed the golden chain back in his pocket and walked off into the market......

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