Kiara back off as far as she could. Kayla held her blade in front of her preparing for an attack. Kiara began to speak.

"Leave me alone, just stay back," Kiara warned. Kayla just ignored her and slowly moved closer and closer. Kayla could easily take her down, but she didn't.

"I'm asking you for the last time. Who are you, and what are you doing her?" Kayla demanded. This little conversation began to irritate Kayla greatly.

"I know why you're here. It's not going to work so you should just leave," Kiara said. Her voice was getting shaky and weak. Kayla could almost see her tremble. She is just a child, Kayla thought. She must be an agent. I've never seen a child like this before.

Kayla began to advance on Kiara with a kick. Kiara went flying backwards. She hit a wall. Kayla jumped high into the air and went to land on Kiara, but Kiara jumped right towards her in mid air, grabbed her shoulders and flipped her. Kayla turned her self around landed firmly. Kiara landed. Her back was turned. She jumped again, but Kayla grabbed her feet and flung her to the ground. Kiara hit the pavement hard. Kiara freed her self and jumped away from Kayla as she began to thrash out on her. Kiara tried her hardest to block ever punch, but she was beginning to tire and she lost her focus. Kayla kicked her hard in the stomach. Kiara fell to her knees in pain.

"I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice," Kayla said as she approached the wounded child. Kiara's fists began to tighten as she looked up angrily at Kayla. Kiara leaped up into the air and soared straight over her head and landed on the other side. She flipped Kayla again and sent her flying almost over the edge. Kayla grabbed on the ledge before she fell. Her left arm flashed with electricity as she cried out in pain.

"Kayla!" Julian cried out as he ran over to her to help her up. Kayla shook her head in order to get rid of her pain. Julian stood in front of Kayla trying to protect her. Kayla motioned Julian to step down. He backed off. Kiara heaved. She was tired and the gauze on her arm was almost completely torn off. Suddenly Kiara's eyes widened as she stared at Kayla's left arm. The markings read CYBER 338.

"A cyber? Your a cyber? Another one has survived?" Kiara said as she stood there in amazement. Kayla was confused.

"But, I...........they were killed! I saw it! I was there?" Kiara stammered as she fell to her knees in shock.

"What?! You where what?!" Kayla asked as she moved closer to her.

Kiara was just about to reply, when something fast moved across the rooftops. The dark man jumped in the middle of everything. Blade One stood there.

"Am I interrupting anything Kiara? He said coldly as he stared he straight in the yes.

"No......not you...." she said between tears. Kayla got really mad. She drew her katana from her back. "What do you want agent?" she said firmly as she approached him. Blade One drew his sword.

"So you are one of the cybers huh? You'll be no match for me," he said as he stared at Kayla.

"So, is that a threat?" Kayla said with a smile. Blade One didn't smile back. He began to run towards Kayla. Kayla started to run towards him, cluching her katana. Their blade hit each other's. Blade One was the first to brake away. Loud crashing noises echoed through the night as Kayla and Blade One fought with their weapons. Julian hid behind a large fan. Scared to death of what night become of Kayla he charged out into the center of the fight without thinking.

"LEAVE HER ALONE! STOP IT!" He screamed. Blade One kick Kayla back to the other wall. Julian tried to run to help Kayla, but Blade One pushed him down. Julian lay on the ground. His open knee was bruised and he couldn't get up. Blade One held his sword above Julian's head.

"You shall be the first to die child," he yelled as he ponted his sword at him. Julian closed his eye tightly. This was it for him.

Suddenly, Kiara ran to Julian and grabbed him before Blade One's sword came down. Kiara flew through the air, holding Julian who by now was scared stiff. She landed and placed him near Kayla. Julian crawled over to her and held her tightly. She held him tightly too.

"Leave them out of this Blade One. It's me you want, not them," she yelled as she stepped in front of Kayla and Julian. Blade One put his sword back in the holder. He began to step down.

"You seemed to have win this round Kiara, but you and your cyber friends won't be so lucky next time we met," declared Blade One. And with that he jumped down the building and disappeared into the night. Kiara watched him leave. They would be meeting each other again.

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