Blade One raced up and down the streets. Passing windows and checking dark corners for Kiara. He wasn't tired at all. His sole purpose for living was to find Kiara and that is what he shall do. Blade One was a killer and he knew it. Anyone who had crossed his path during his training didn't survive. He was programmed to kill. Nothing more and nothing less.

He grew up in the lab and was feed on the study of martial arts. In his training, Von Riechter sent out “Suicide Technos” for Blade One to practice on. They were no match for him at all. Von Riechter tested him for years and trained him well. He was the very first of the living "Blade Series" that was a complete success on Von Riechter's part.

Blade One was brought up in a loveless world. All he knew was death. His mission was to find Kiara, and destroy any cyber or cyborg that hid in the city. Blade One sat down to rest over the small shops that still were open at night. He watched closely at everyone, keeping his ear open for any unusual sounds. Nothing. He moved on to the next roof.

His dark brow was creased and his lips were in a frown. The anger that burned inside him was almost to the point that is was uncontrollable. His gloved hands cluched his shimmering blade. His eyes reflected pain and suffering for any that oppose him. He jumped up onto the church bell tower and gazed across the city. He knew too well of the battles that take place at night between the cybers and the Fixed Ideas. He knew ever detail of the Cyber Series and for the Technos. He knew too much.

Suddenly something kicked in. A hidden instinct that Blade One kept flickered inside him. Someone was very close. Blade One looked all around him. All he could see was blackness. A listened closely. Not a sound. Blade One looked away. Whatever it was it had just left. He put his sword carefully into it's holder on his back.

He jumped high into the air. His dark hair, caught by the wind, was pulled back. The ends of band around his head snapped in the breeze. It was much better for him to be outside roaming the city then cooped up in some dark laboratory. He landed hardly on the empty road. Suddenly a sharp noise hit Blade One's ear. He quickly spun around as he grabbed his blade only to find the head Techno standing in front of him. She placed his sword back and walked up to him.

"Have you found her yet?" the Techno said coldly.

Blade One shook his head.

"She is here. I know it." Blade One said flatly. The Techno frowned.

"There are reports of another renagade cyber living in these areas. She is stronger and faster then any other known cyber. She is a threat to our plans. If you find her eliminate her." he said as his red eyes flickered.

Blade One nodded his head. The techno grinned and walked away. Blade One ran off in search of Kiara once more......

.......Meanwhile Kayla and Julian had finished their ice cream and were heading home. Kayla and Julian walked slowly on the road as they talked.

"So you met this girl just today?" Kayla said as she looked down on Julian.

"Yea. She was in trouble, so I helped her out," he said as he reached into his pocket. Julian pulled out a small gold chain necklace.

"She left this behind and now I can't find her," he said sadly. Kayla squeezed Julian's hand playfully.

"I'm sure she'll be back. In the meantime, I better get you home. It's way past your bedtime mister!" she teased. Julian hopped up onto her back and hugged her neck.

"Ya, ya!" he said with a laugh. Kayla jumped up onto the roof and started to head towards the pier. Suddenly out of no where, something jumped up from the alley below and high into the night sky. It was a young girl with long hair. She floated in mid air for a second, then plummeted down onto the next building. Kayla almost dropped Julian.

"What the heck was that?" Julian said as he tried to catch his breathe. Kayla frowned.

"An agent." she said.

"Why would Von Riechter send a kid after you?" Julian asked.

Kayla shook her head with frustration.

"I don't know Julian, but let's go find out shall we!" she said with a smirk as she held on tightly to Julian. Kayla began to chase after this mysterious girl. They were in hot pursuit, but the girl just kept on running and dodging and flipping over everything that blocked her way, almost as if she were running from something. Finally they were beginning to catch up with her. Kayla took the advantage and jumped right over her head, trapping her.

Kayla stood in front of Julian and stepped towards the faded girl who was already in a fighting position.

"Show yourself!" Kayla demanded.

The girl stepped out of the shadows to reveal herself........Kiara stood in front a Kayla. She was very tired and very upset. Her arm still had the gauze that Julian gave to her.

"Kiara? But......" Julian stammered. Kayla took her position.

"Stay away," Kiara said as she began to back away.

Kayla was pulled out her katana and moved forward to Kiara with caution.

"No listen to me! I'm not going to fight unless I have to, " Kayla warned. Kiara and Kayla began circling each other. Kayla motioned Julian to get back. He did.

"Like wise," Kiara said as she back off.

>Things were getting ugly..........

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