A swift breeze enters Kayla's room. Kayla, who at the time, was lying on her stomach all sprawled out on her bed and fast asleep. She rolled over to breathe in the cold night air. She groaned and sat up to stretch. Kayla headed over to the dresser and grabbed her hair brush. She combed her hair as she gazed out the window. Kayla put down the brush and opened her closet which held her outfit. She slipped into it and hopped onto the open window panel. Another current of wind brushed against her cheeks. She smiled to herself.

One foot after another, Kayla placed her feet on the ledge just outside of her window. She looked across the still city. The market had packed up and everyone had gone home for the night, completely unaware of the creatures and secret wars that stormed the city at night. Cybersix was not out this time. The night was Kayla's for the taking.

>She jumped onto the ledge on the next roof. She then started to run. She ran faster than any other cyber due to her extra training in Japan. The cold air gave her spirits a boost as she sprinted across the city.

Suddenly the thought of Julian crossed her wandering mind. Her very first friend since she came to Meridiana. Perhaps she should pay him a visit tonight. Closer and closer she moved towards the pier where Julian lived. It was a shame that he lived alone. Kayla soared over towers and churches. Running was one of Kayla's most favorite things to do, except when she's running from Von Riechter.

Kayla vaulted off the roof and landed firmly, but gracefully on the wooden boards of the pier. Julian sat quietly on the ledge, starting into the dark waters. He turned around and smiled.

"You made it!" Julian said as he hugged Kayla. Kayla chuckled and picked Julian up and put him on her shoulder.

"So Julian? Where to tonight?" Kayla asked as she began to walked with Julian perched up on her shoulder. Julian thought for a minute. Then his eyes light up.

"How about some ice cream? I could pay for it with the money I earned today!" Julian exclaimed with excitement.

"Ice cream sounds perfect!" Kayla said as she moved her katana from her back and onto her shoulder as Julian scrambled on to get her back.

I know the perfect spot!" Julian stated as he pointed towards the city. Kayla pushed her hair back from her face and looked back at Julian.

"Hold on tightly Julian! Her we go!" she said as she jumped high into the sky and onto the closest roof to her. The wind rushed through Julian's. Kayla bounded off towards the city, with Julian clinging happily to his back. Julian howled with joy as they jumped into the night sky. Kayla laughed. She enjoyed every moment of Julian's company more than anything in the world. She held tightly on to Julian so he wouldn't fall. Kayla knew that Cybersix wouldn't do anything this risky with Julian, but she knew that she could protect Julian no matter what the situation was. Kayla bounced onto tiled roof tops and slid down them and onto the road. She let Julian slid off her back.

"That was so cool! Let's do it again!" Julian shouted as he jumped up and down hyperly. Kayla grinned at Julian.
"Hey, how about that ice cream?" she reminded. Julian took Kayla's hand and lead her down the small alley way.
"Come on, this way!" he said as he ran down the small alley way with Kayla close behind him.......

.....Kiara stood on the roof just above where the market used to be and sighed sadly. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye, she could see a dark figure watching her. He was very far away, but Kiara could see him clearly. She froze. It was Blade One. How could he have found her? She jumped off the building and ran away into the night, not looking back once.

Blade One watched her as she ran away...............he reached for his radio.

I've got her in my sights Jose" he said firmly.

Jose replied. "Good. If you see Cybersix, Data 7 or Kayla destroy them at once, but bring Kiara back here. Got it?" Jose snapped.

"Right away sir," Blade One replied. He put the radio back on his belt and jumped off the building.........

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