Julian ran down the crowded streets. People filled the corners with market goods. Julian laughed as he dodged through the bustling mob. The sun warmed his happy face. Dodging and spinning he made his way through the heard of people.

Then, a startling noise caught his attention. It came from the alley way in front of him. Julian stopped dead in his tracks to listen more closely. At least four voices echoed through the street, and one of them was in pain. Being as curious as he is, Julian entered the alley to find three rough boys beating on a younger girl. They all laughed as she tried to get up on her feet. Julian frowned. This wasn't right. He ran towards the other boys.

"Hey!" Julian yelled, "leave her alone! Before I call the cops!"

The boys looked around them, then ran off like a bunch of cowards, leaving the girl on the road.

"Think they're so tough," Julian said with a smirk as he ran up to the girl. She seemed to be frightened and badly hurt. Her ling brown hair hung loosely over her shoulders and her clothes were slightly ripped. She seemed to be shaking as she tried to get up. She was in too much pain. Julian stepped to her and knelt down right in front of her. She closed her eyes tightly as is she was trying to hid from Julian.

Julian placed his small hand on her shoulder. She opened her eyes to find Julian smiling back at her. He helped her to her feet. She co-operated. Julian smiled warmly at her while she just stared with a astonished expression.

"Are you alright?" he asked as he checked out the bloody gash on her left arm. He began to reach in his back pocket and pulled out some gauze. He began to wrap it tightly around her arm "This could hurt a bit," Julian warned as he pressed hard on the gauze. She winced a little, but relaxed.

"Thank you......." she said in a meek voice. Julian looked up at her. Her troubled eyes reflected back at him. There was something wrong with her, Julian thought to himself. Never the less he still stayed polite.

"My name is Julian!" he said as he winked at her, "what's your name?"

Kiara put her hand on her head "Where are my manners! My name is Kiara," she answered. Julian could see her kindness, but she seemed so distant.

"Are you new around her? I haven't seen you around before," Julian said as he fixed his brown cap. Kiara hesitated for a moment "Ah....I live, on the other side of the city. I was abandoned here so I live by myself." she said quickly. Julian thought for a minute.

"Hey! How about I give you a tour of Meridiana and the market! Then we can go back to my place. I live alone as well. Surely it must be a long walk from here to where you're staying," he said with enthusiasm.

Kiara turned her weary head towards the rosy pink sky and sighed with relief.

"It's getting late Julian. I'd better go home and get some rest. You should too." She said as she walked closer to him. "Thank you Julian, for being so kind.......no one.........." she paused. "No one has ever been so kind to me as you have. she said with a gentle tone in her voice. Julian blushed.

"Hey! What are friends for! If you need anything I'll be at the pier." he said proudly.

"Bye Julian," she called as she walked out of the alley way and turned the corner. Julian sighed as he watched her leave. She was definitely different, but Julian couldn't quite figure it out. She couldn't be a cyber because she was too young, and she didn't look anything like a cyber. Julian let the thought go as he turned his head to his feet.

Suddenly, a small gold chain necklace caught Julian's eye. Kiara must have dropped it. He quickly snatched it and ran around the corner to catch up with her, but she was no where to be found. Julian was puzzled. Where could she have gone? He shook his head and shoved the necklace in his pocket. They sky was almost a crimson color now. Kiara was sitting on a rooftop, watching Julian walk towards the pier. She sat on the edge looking sadly at Julian. She was just like him once. A human. But she wasn't human anymore. Not after the grim mistake she made many years ago. Kiara stood up and leaped of the roof. She ran across the buildings and over bridges and into the navy blue evening....

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