Those facts appeared in the newspaper, in the great year of 1984.
10 years ago, a millionaire chillian couple went to Australia,
one of the country leader in the research for fecondation in vitro,
and having permissive laws on this kind of manipulations.
For they could not have children, many of the fertilized eggs where
frozen and put asside for testing. But, while in a trip, the plane
who carried Elsa and Mario Rios (that was their name) crashed. They both died
and then started the trial to know what the frozen embryos. The
family wanted them destroyed (for more then moral reasons, they didn't want
the fortune to fall off their hand one day), some wanted to give them to
another couple. Some doctors claim they had the right to use them
for research. Finaly, Australian's court decided
to destroy them.

Here ends reality.
Not far away, some fiction :
Where they really destroyed ?
And if it never happened, and a mad scientist took one of those
little thing, responsible for life ?
And if he made it ? If this child is now 10 or 12 years old ?
What will happen, today or tomorrow if he enters a psychoanalist
to find is true life ?
How will he go thru his oedipus complexe ?
What will he phantasm about, on his father and mother ?

We are in front of the reality where scientific investigation makes
artificial life. Put cabbages with mouse, photocopy some cells to
multiply them, grow tomatoes, shrink pigs, and mixes all kinds
of creature to make a reality of what we called dreams yesterday.
So for all of this be true, there's only one step to do.
A very small step...