> August 16th, 2005

Hello and welcome on this new home for the Frundock's Cybersix Website. Thank goes to Ptah for his continued efforts to keep this community alive.
> February 27th, 2002

Yes, this website isn't having many updates, but it's still up isn't it? With the move to Sixies.Org, this website went Add-Free, then with the newer Sixies.Net, the Multimedia files are back up for grab ! Good news for all I think :). I will try to set up new videos soon. Please give me a chance.
> October 21th, 2001

Yeah, another update! I didn't receive any message for missing link, so it might be a good sign. What is new today is in... The character section. I made the descrption for Data-7 and Lucas Amato. I want to finish the big parts of this website as soon as I can so I can improve little things there and there ;)
> October 17th, 2001

Well, here it is! I've received many e-mail from people complaining about the lack of updates, about the ads and I asked for help. Someone was very kind and decided to give me space on his sever. This person is Ptah Aegyptus, owner of Sixes.Org. What he is doing is great and I thank him for this. Now the "Frundock's Cybersix Website" is back in full glory with no ads.

There may be some missing link, over the near two years this site was open, I hosted various files on various server. If you see pages missing, or images broken, please message me.

That's all for today ! But I'll bring updates soon :)