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Ending Credit (English) -= New =-
Suggested by Kaiser and with reason! With this, American fans can see the original ending scene in all its glory. Download and enjoy the stuff, it's great.
The Kiss Scene (French) -= New =-
I wanted to put this video when Fox would have shown the full season of Cybersix but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon, so patience is enough. Here is the French Kiss Scene demanded by many fans around the globe! Enjoy it.
The Kiss Scene (English) -= New =-
Do I need to say more?
Yes, the KungFu scene. It was the one asked by all the voters (one) to be the next scene in here. Of course, no need to do many languages, it's all in the pictures. Have fun watching it and have a nice day after. You know, it's important to be nice with other!
Mpeg Dark Scene (French)
Brainwashed scene in French, wihout the Teletoon logo. Very good voice acting.
Mpeg Dark Scene (English)
Well, you know in Brainwashed when Lucas comes back from the now famous "café" he sits in a chair and start thinking about what has happened. And then Cybersix is right in the corner. Well this is the scene.
Mpeg Cybersix Fox Ads
Cybersix Ads on Fox, good one I think, watch it, enjoy it.
Mpeg Clothing Scene (ENG)
This Mpegs comes from "Mysterious Shadows". The first episodes. It is the famous Clothing Scene were we first see Adrian become Cybersix. A great scene that carries so many emotions, absolutly great.
Mpeg Clothing Scene (FRA)
Same thing but with the French voices, those I love so much. I recommand you download it too for your pleasure.
Clothing song (ENG)
All new, Cybersix clothing song, but with the English's voices. So you can now stop thinking it woud weird in french :). I like that song !
First Apperance
This come from Mysterious Shadows when Cybersix appears for the first in the serie, hearing the man scream. She turn to go see what happen.
The Chase
No, this is not a song from Hans Zimmer, but the song where Lucas sees Cybersix for the first time and chase her thru the city. Featuring the oustanding work of the chickens.
Lucas Amato(French)
Here is Lucas Amato from Mysterious Shadows. It's him in french with is male voices speaking with Adrian for the first time. Made that one to teach Carps Tail we don't say the "S" in french for Lucas. Hope you like his voice.
The song when Lucas and C6 kiss
Here is the 30 seconds long drama song when Lucas and Cybersix kiss. Requested by Kaiser and here for the fun of everyone.
French Theme Song|Lyrics

Well, it's pretty clear, it's the French theme song for Cybersix. Good quality. Lyrics also available.
English Theme Song|Lyrics

Yep, the so searched English Theme song is right here. Enjoy this version of it.
French Ending Song

Not much to say, it's the French Ending song... Yep, that's it. If you have the lyrics, send them to me
English Ending Song|Lyrics

English Ending song.
Little Dialog MP3 with Cybersix and Lucas in french. From The Final Confrontation, it's when they Cybersix comes to speak with Lucas just before facing Von Reichter.