Cool Site
Telecom CyberSix's Official's Website
Great place with the forum and informations.
Yahoo's CyberSix Club
Nice place where you can find many C6's fan
+-- CybersixBBS --+
This is a Japanease BBS, be warned, it's all in Japanease.
Fan's Site
  • English

Cyber Poet's Cybersix Hideaway
Site with screen shots, fan arts and lots more.
Indeed, a very nice looking site with pool, outstanding fanfics, and some funny info !
The Jose Archive
Dedicated to Jose Von Richter, the little devil from C6.
CYBERSIX - A Shrine of Desperation
Comic info, video, more to come !
Nightflower's Cybersix's website
This site has the best fan fictions around
Website with lots of informations, lots of pics, animation, recommanded A+
The Laboratory
Eodin's website, lots of place for cool stuff
Dimension Cero : Cybersix (english)
Nice website with interviews and interresting facts.
The Raven's Nest
New website, some informations and a fanfic, lots of place for new stuff.
Cyber Central
Fan fictions, fan arts, poetry, about everything.
Dr. Zack's Townhouse - a Cybersix Fansite
Features some of the best Cybersix fan fiction you can read.
  • French

Site fr@nÁ@is de SpawN sur CyberSix
One of the rare French quality website about Cybersix.
FanBD - Cybersix
Oldest French Cybersix website still alive. Some good informations.
  • Japanease

[ Perfect Number ]
Very good layout, this website as wonderful pictures.
Club Meridiana [Cybersix]
Again, a good layout, informations website.
Seem to be focused on the fan fiction around. Nice place.
WONDERFUL website. It as absolutely great art and some fan fiction.
Six SenSe
Recommanded. This Website even have an English section.
Fan Art, Manga, Fan Fiction, Characters developpment. Nice Surfin
I'm not sure what to think of this website... Confused, they talk about a DVD.
Cybersix Marchandises
Lowest price on C6 comics, 17,95 $, only in french
Direct link to the Cybersix books at
Quebec store sellin all kinds of BDs including Cybersix at 16,95 $ in stores. English version is beeing remade.
Renaud Bray
Sells the comics and the videos at a good price.