"Okay, class dismissed. See you tomorrow. Lori, that means you too," called out Adrian Seidelman, literature teacher for Meridiana High School.
"Sigh. Are you sure I don't have a detention Mr. Seidelman?"
"I'm sure. Now go away!"
"Anything for you!" sighed the lovesick Lori as she waltzed out the door.
"Good gief," muttered Adrian, under his breath.
The shy teacher began to gather his things when he heard a noise at the door. Startled, he turned around, to find Lucas leaning heavily against the door frame.
"Hey, you don't look so good." Adrian stated, noticing Lucas' appearance.
His face was red and sweaty, and his eyes were blood shot, with deep, dark circles under them.
"That's an understatement," Lucas replied huskily. "I feel horrible. It must be the flu."
"No kidding. Come on, let's go home."


"Hurry up, you stupid fool. I don't have all day! Arggg! Do I have to do everything? 1000 kilos isn't that heavy to lift!" screams (can you guess?) Jose.
"Sorry boss, I don't feel so good." replies the Fixed Idea weakly.
"Wuss." mutters Jose.
The Fixed Idea groaned, and collapsed to the ground.
"What?" screamed Jose. "This is impossible!"
He ran back inside, and stopped short. Almost all of his Fixed Ideas and Technos were either on the ground, or coughing and sniffling.
"What the hell is going on here? You aren't supposed to get sick!"
Jose's eyes lit up.
"On the other had, if you guys are getting sick, then so are Cybersix and Data7." he frowned. "But then again, the sustenance should keep you healthy."
Jose ran to his machines, and created a match of sustenance.
"Come here," he said innocently to an unsuspecting Techno. "This won't hurt a bit, I promise!"

Jose injected the Techno with his new batch of sustenance. Almost immediately, the Techno broke into a sweat and developed a racking cough.
"Something is infecting the new sustenance that I make! That means that Cybersix is not infected, because she has not come looking for more. So, when she comes for more, she will be infected, and I will capture her! After all, my newest invention is almost finished!" Jose cackled long and loud as he patted his creation proudly. "Cybersix will be so surprised!"

(Next Day)

"Okay class open your books to page 122." Adrian frowned. "I'll be right back."
Adrian left his class, walked down the hall, towards the noise. He peaked into Lucas' biology class and faced chaos.
"What's going on here? Where's Mr. Amato?
"Not here, obviously!" yelled a student.
"Smart ass," mumbled Adrian.
"All right class, settle down."
Adrian turned around, and stood face to face with the principal. He motioned for the other teacher to come to him.
"Lucas is out sick. So are most of the students. Must be a new flu bug."
"Must be. See ya." And with that, Adrian went back to his own class.
Good thing I'm immune to these types of human diseases, Adrian thought, as he noticed that the majority of his students were out sick, and the remainder were having difficulty keeping their eyes open.
Hmm, hope it's not to dangerous.


The air was cold and fresh. The night was still and quiet. The streets were deserted. If anyone had looked out their window, they would see nothing out of the ordinary, except a blur across the horizon. Cybersix ran across the rooftops, loving the way the air ripped through her hair and made a slight whistling sound. She could run on forever, but she was intent on one, destination: Lucas' apartment. She was worried. I hope that he's all right, she thought. Cybersix reached his apartment and jumped gracefully on to his window ledge and noiselessy opened his window and slid inside. It was pitch black inside.
"Lucas?" Cybersix whispered. More loudly, "Lucas, are you here?"
Cybersix heard a faint groan, coming from the bedroom. She walked quietly into the bedroom and found Lucas lyng on his bed with is suit and tie still on.
"Lucas!" Cybersix cried. "Are you all right?"
She felt his forehead, and it was hot, and I mean hot. His face was red, and his lips were blue. he was barely breathing.
"Oh my God! He needs to go to the hospital! He's really sick."
Cybersix pondered for a minute. "Hang on Lucas, you're going to be O.K."
Cybersix lifted Lucas up off of the bed and grimaced. He was bathed in sweat. She walked to the window and took off towards the Meridiana Hospital, with Lucas cradled securely in her arms. IN a matter of minutes, they arrives at the intended destination. Cybersix gently placed Lucas in the ground near the Emergency Entrance. She open the door and stuck her head in.
"I need some help out here!" Cybersix yelled in a crystal-clear voice.
She then ran outside and jumped up on the building across the street. A split second second later, a doctor came out, and lifted Lucas difficultly onto a stretcher and wheeled him inside. Cybersix breathed in a sigh of relief, though she was still very worried.
"This is no ordinary flu." Cybersix thought aloud. "What could be causing this?"
Cybersix was startled from her thoughts by a noise in an alley down below her. She swooped down and found herself face to face with a Fixed Idea. He swerved for a moment, and collapsed in front of her. She bent down, and found that he had the same symptoms as Lucas had. Cybersix was confused. He was a creation too, he was not supposed to get ill. Suddenly, the Fixed Idea vanished, and was replaced by a vial of red sustenance. Red?! This could not be right. Something is infecting the sustenance. Cybersix was beginning to panic. This is bad. This is very, very bad. What the hell is going on here?