The Last Stand

Written by: Jon Burke with contributions from Scott Adamson.







††††††††††† ...On May 24 2000, Von Reicters Isle of Doom exploded with tremendous power. The observatory was ruined, but Lucas had managed to find Cybersix and bring her back to health. However, there had been no sign of Data-7...


††††††††††† ...Jose was hard at work, trying to make some new creations, but his early attempts were failures. In time, he managed to create a powerful being from his fathers DNA. This new creations name was Talgen. He was lean, yet muscular, and highly skilled in the Martial arts, and swordsmanship. Just like all of other Joseís creations, Talgen needed sustenance to survive. But Jose had managed to develop a special type of sustenance, that would allow Talgen to live almost forever on one dose. This sustenance was code-named: X-25. The two of them bided their time, waiting for the right moment to strike...


††††††††††† ...A few days passed and the city was on itís way to recovery. The blast area was almost cleaned up, and city seemed peaceful once again. Cybersix had made a full recovery, while Lucas made a very important discovery. He was able to reproduce the sustenance Cybersix needed to live. However, this sustenance was notcomplete. It would only last half as long as the normal sustenance. During the night times, Cybersix and Lucas would search the city, looking for Jose, but they never found a trace of Jose...


††††††††††† ...Jose was now hard at work, trying to create a long range weapon for Talgen, because all he had was his sword. Jose was developing special wristbands, that had the power to shoot lightning. A blue laser sight was used to target the area of the blast.

††††††††††† Yes! These are my best weapons Iíve ever made! They will definitely take care of Cybersix! Jose yelled...


1 Week Later...


††††††††††† ...Cybersix nor Lucas was able to locate Jose. By this time, school was stating again, and Adrian was in existence once again. there was just one problem, Lori knew of Adrianís secret. Fortunately, Lori knew the position that Adrian was in. After class, Lori went over and started talking to Adrian.

††††††††††† Look, I know that you know... But Adrian was cut off.

††††††††††† Donít worry, your secret is safe with me, besides you saved me from that little creep.Lori said

††††††††††† Thank you, that means a lot to me.Adrian answered.

The Next Night...


††††††††††† Cybersix changed into her suit, cape and hat, and headed out for Julian's boathouse. When she got there, he was sitting on his couch.

††††††††††† Wha!?! Cybersix!! Youíre alive!!í Julian gasped as he saw her.

††††††††††† Itís good to see you too!Cybersix exclaimed. he ran up to her, she lowered herself.

††††††††††† What happened? Are you all right?Julian asked excitedly. She explained to him how Lucas rescued her, and that Jose might be gone for good. Then Julian asked a question that almost made her break-down.

††††††††††† Where is Data-7?

††††††††††† She bowed her head.

††††††††††† What...What's wrong?he asked.

††††††††††† I havenít seen him in a long time. I think...heís...gone...she said sadly,Sorry Julian, I have to go...She walked to the door, turned around and waved good bye. She jumped onto a nearby rooftop, and lightly started jumping home. However, the whole time, a dark figure was watching her. The figure started to follow her, and just when she was about home, she heard a voice call out to her...

††††††††††† Well Cybersix, itís an honour to to finally meet you.

††††††††††† Whoís there!?she yelled into the darkness.

††††††††††† I am...Your doom!!The black shape came flying out from the shadows and hit her in the side of the face. She stumbled sideways, and held her head with pain. The figure jumped in and gave her side kick to the midsection. She flew backwards, and landed on the ground, hard. He walked up and stood above her, he drew his sword out of itís sheath and put it on her chest.

††††††††††† You were too easy...he said. Suddenly, a dark shape jumped out from the darkness, and slammed itself against Talgen. The two went sprawling in different directions. Talgen slowly got up, holding his arm and he backed away. Cybersix got to her feet, a thin stream of blood coming from her mouth.

††††††††††† Youíll pay for this! Iíll be back!!Talgen yelled, and jumped off the roof. Cybersix looked at the black shape. it walked into the dim light.

††††††††††† It was Data-7.

††††††††††† Data-7! Your alive!Cybersix said joyfully, she walked over to him and hugged him. He started purring loudly, and he licked her face. Then he let out a low growl of pain and collapsed to the floor.

††††††††††† Are you all right!?Cybersix said,whatís wrong? Are you still hurt?

††††††††††† Rrrrrrr...Data-7 replied. He still burns and cuts from the explosion, since he had no care, it took longer for him to heal. She helped him up, and they started to walk home slowly.

††††††††††† Who was he? And why is he here?Cybersix thought to herself...


††††††††††† ... Talgen got back to the lab to find Jose still hard at work. Blood dripped onto the floor from a cut on Talgenís arm. Jose turned around and saw him.

††††††††††† What... Happened to you!?!Jose shouted.

††††††††††† I was fighting Cybersix, when her black panther interfered.Talgen explained.

††††††††††† What!!! Data-7 is alive also! Damn! Thatís impossible!Jose yelled,but donít worry, I have something that will take care of both of them. These!!!Jose held up the two wristbands,Theyíre finished!Talgen walked over to Jose, Jose handed them to him. Talgen slid them onto his arms.

††††††††††† Listen up, on your left arm you have a safety switch when itís on the wristbands wonít work. These are your targeting sights, when you have something in you sights, squeeze your hands into a fist, this will cause them to fire.Jose finished his explanation.

††††††††††† I understand.Talgen answered. Jose walked over to the shelf and got his first aid kit.

††††††††††† All right, letís get you fixed up, we have lots of work to do.Jose said,Because Iím developing the ultimate weapon the world has ever seen...



††††††††††† ...Cybersix brought Data-7 back to her apartment.

††††††††††† You need you sleep brother, take it easy.she said to him. Data-7 went to the couch and set himself down. He promptly fell asleep. She walked over to him and petted him lightly on the head.


††††††††††† Thank you, friend.†† She said. She was very tired, so she went to her own bed and also fell asleep. She didnít wake up until 11:00 am the next day. It was Sunday, and Data-7 was still asleep, she woke up but she decided not to wake him up. Then she remembered that person from last night. She went over to the phone and called Lucas. After a few rings he picked up.


††††††††††† Hello?He said

††††††††††† Lucas! Itís me, Iíve got something very important to talk to you about.Cybersix said,but I canít talk over the phone.

††††††††††† Right, Iíll meet you in the cafe in 15 minutes.Lucas answered.

††††††††††† Thanks, Iíll see you thereCybersix replied...


††††††††††† ...Adrian walked into the cafe and saw Lucas sitting at the table by the window. He walked in and sat down.

††††††††††† So, whatís on your mind, buddy?Lucas asked.

††††††††††† I encountered a strange being last night, we had a short battle, and he was pretty tough. But Data-7 showed up and broke up the fight, the stranger ran off after that.Adrian explained.

††††††††††† Data-7?! You found him! Great! I bet it feels good to see him again.Lucas said.

††††††††††† does.Adrian answered.


That Night...


††††††††††† ...Data-7 was feeling better, and was almost fully recovered. Cybersix walked over to the open window of her apartment.

††††††††††† You stay here and rest, Iím going to investigate.she said.

††††††††††† Rrrauoww...Data-7 growled.

††††††††††† Donít worry, Iíll be fine, see you later brother.She said and jumped out of the open window. After about 30 minutes of searching, she found him hiding in the shadows.

††††††††††† Who are you?!she shouted at him.

††††††††††† My name is Talgen, and once again it is an honour to meet you, and destroy you!he yelled back. Suddenly, a blue dot appeared on her chest.

††††††††††† What the...She said. There was a deafening roar, and the night sky lit up with bright, blue light. Jagged forks of lightning hurtled through the air at a blinding speed. She just managed to jump out of the way. The blast hit a wall behind her, causing it to crumble to the ground. She started running towards him, he fired again Cybersix was blinded by the shot and jumped sideways, her vision returned a few seconds later. He aimed and was about to fire, when she jumped into the air. Talgen wasnít fast enough as she landed right on top of him with a kick the chest. He fell backwards and onto the ground. He sat up quickly and fired. She was caught unawares, she tried to side step, but a bolt of lightning hit her in the shoulder. The force through her backwards and against a wall. Cybersix clutched her shoulder painfully. She looked up and saw Talgen jumping right towards her. She rolled out of the way, just in time, as he landed with a powerful crash. The roof partially caved in. She got up and jumped into air again. She crashed right on top of him, causing the whole roof to collapse. they fell to the bottom of the warehouse building, and back flipped away from each other. Talgen raised hi arm slowly, Cybersix stood there, every muscle frozen. She saw him slowly squeeze his hand together. The very next instant, she ran towards him at a blinding pace. His fist gripped tighter, he started smiling. The weapon shot off the blue lightning, but she rolled under all the blast and stood up right in front of his face.


††††††††††† Hello...She said.

††††††††††† What....!He gasped... SMASH!! She punched him right in the face, grabbed his arm and threw him across the room. He hit the wall, causing cracks to run in all directions. He fell on the ground, and coughed blood out of his mouth. Cybersix walked over to him, picked him up by his lapels.

††††††††††† Who sent you?! What do you want!?She yelled at him. His wrist-bands were short circuiting. Electricity was flowing out of them mildly.

††††††††††† Youíll never... know.He said to her. He swung his arm up and hit Cybersix on her injured shoulder. There was a bright flash form the wrist-bands, and both of them were thrown backwards by the shock. Before Cybersix could get up, Talgen pulled a little capsule out of his shirt and threw it on the ground. The vicinity was filled with smoke, she lost her vision. After the smoke cleared, Cybersix found a hole in the wall, Talgen was gone...


††††††††††† ...Cybersix ran out of the building, and looked down the street, she saw nothing. She couldn't follow him, she had a shoulder to take care of. Cybersix started walking home, asking herself many questions.

††††††††††† Who was he? What does he want? And, why is he here?...


††††††††††† ...Talgen limped into the lad at the mansion, Jose wasnít around. He dressed his own injuries and started looking around.

††††††††††† Damn her, she will pay for this!Talgen yelled out loud. Just then Jose walked into the lab, he saw Talgen with his injuries.

††††††††††† What!?! How could this happen?!?Jose shouted at him. He approached Talgen,Iím this far from terminating your ass you donít show me some results!Joseís mood changed.

††††††††††† But donít worry, Iíve almost completed my second weapon. It has taken a long time, but itís complete.Take a look!Jose pressed a button on a control panel. The roof and floor opened up together, and a large cannon-like thing came out of the floor. It was aimed right into the sky.

††††††††††† This is my W.E.W.Jose said with great pride,father started this weapon 7 years ago, but he never finished it. So, Iím going to do it for him.

††††††††††† What does this weapon do?Talgen asked.

††††††††††† When fully powered, it will send a ray into the earthís atmosphere, this will create massive distortions. The result will be a powder-like substance encircling the world, and after it has fallen to the ground, it will kill anything ever created by my father, such as Cybersix and Data-7!Jose said.

††††††††††† How long until we can fire it off?Talgen asked.

††††††††††† The World Eradicator Weapon will be ready when enough energy has been collected. But we need a special power source since this weapon only affects my fatherís creations. This power source will come directly from Cybersix and Data-7!Jose exclaimed.

††††††††††† What does that mean?

††††††††††† Father created this weapon in case his creations turned on him, it would guaranty their deaths. We need the energy of Cybersix, or Data-7 to charge the weapon. When the weapon is fed the energy, it will convert it to negative form, so it is the exact opposite charge as normal. And when this comes in contact with with he positive charge, well, lets just say I hope you have insurance!Here is the device you will use to collect the energy, it is a 100 foot, retractable cable. Once the cable has wrapped around something, this device will activate, and start to take their life force. The device will store it temporarily. This gauge here shows you how much youíve taken out of the person. It ranges from 0% to 100%Jose said. Jose walked over to the W.E.W. and pushed a button. A small compartment opened up, the device was sitting there. Jose picked it up and brought it towards Talgen

††††††††††† Hold you arm out, this may take awhile.Jose said. After Jose finished screwing the last bolt into the wristbands, he showed Talgen how to use it.

††††††††††† Once the cable has been fired, and latched onto something, this light will come on. Then press this button to rewind the cable, it will take about 3 seconds to retract completely.Jose finished his explanation.

††††††††††† I understand, I will go right now!Talgen said as he ran out of the mansion and into the streets.

††††††††††† I hope you donít fail me, or it will be the end of you!!Jose yelled after him...


††††††††††† ...Cybersix left her apartment, and started searching the streets for Talgen.It was almost dawn, she decided to give up. She was just about to head home, when she heard that familiar voice. It was coming from an alleyway.

††††††††††† Where do think youíre going? The fun is about to begin!Talgen said.

††††††††††† Back for more, huh? Bring it on!She yelled. Talgen jumped into the street and faced her.

††††††††††† Letís go...He drew his sword, and dived at her.

††††††††††† Yaaahhh!!!He shouted and slashed at her. She jumped out of the way, and punched at him, but he ducked and slashed again. It cut her from her shoulder down to her forearm. She jumped back, and landed on her knees, her arm started bleeding, but the slice wasnít too deep. He jumped in at her, with his sword above his head. She jumped up hard towards him. He slashed but she twisted out of the way, and kicked him in the back. He flew downwards, and landed head first onto the pavement. She ran into a nearby dark alleyway, then quietly jumped onto a rooftop. Talgen got up and went to the alleyway entrance. She jumped off the roof and headed straight for him. He looked up at the last second.

††††††††††† Holy sh...!he managed to gasp. She landed right on his chest with all of her strength. He was plowed into the pavement, while she pushed herself off of him, and landed on a car. She stood there, out of breath, her chest heaved up and down. She was very tired, from the previous fight, staying out and searching for Talgen, and now this fight. Cybersix didnít know how much longer she could last. Talgen sat up and got to his feet. He put his sword away, and raised his arms with the wristbands. She jumped off of the car, and onto a wall. She pushed herself off the wall, just as Talgen fired. The wall exploded, sending debris and fire everywhere. The explosion knocked her to the ground. She slowly got to her feet, and looked at Talgen. He lowered his one hand, but kept the one up with the device on it. He fired the cable out, and it slashed through the air at a blinding speed. It wrapped around her arm, right above her hand.

††††††††††† What the...she gasped. She looked down at it, and tried to pull it off, but it was wrapped too tightly.

††††††††††† Got you...Talgen whispered under his breath. The device on his arm flashed red. A bright red light travelled down the cable at lightning speed. When it hit her arm, there was another red flash. This force caused Cybersix to stumble backwards.

††††††††††† 20%...

††††††††††† Whatís... happening to... me?She cried

††††††††††† 49%...

††††††††††† You have lost, there is no way you can win!Talgen said. He started walking towards her. She fell to her knees, still holding her arm.

††††††††††† 72%...

††††††††††† Unnn... stop it... no...She said weakly.

††††††††††† 94%...

††††††††††† Cybersix fell forward onto her one hand, her eyes were closed, and her teeth clenched, she was too weak to talk anymore.

††††††††††† 99%...

†††††††† 100%... <<capacity>>

††††††††††† Itís over for you, there is no hope at all.Talgen said. He was standing right above her. Just then, Data-7 jumped out of his hiding place and pounced on Talgen. Data-7 was right on top of him. He let out a loud roar, and brought his paw right across Talgenís face. Four deep slashes appeared, and Talgen tried to get away. But Data-7 hit Talgenís arm, trapping it. The device deactivated, and the cable rewound itself. He pulled free from Data-7ís grip and started to run away, cursing to himself. Data-7 walked over to Cybersix, and looked at her. She wasnít moving. He nudged her gently with his nose. No response. he gently rolled her onto her back and bit the back of her collar. He carefully dragged her into the nearby alley. He didnít know what to do, he couldnít carry, and he couldnít leave her there either. He managed to wrap her cape around her body. He sat there debating with himself. After a few minutes, he decided to get Lucas, he had no choice, she wasnít getting any better. Data-7 ran as fast as he could to Lucasí apartment. He jumped into the open window and let out a growl. Lucas sat up in his bed.

††††††††††† What the... Data-7!? Whatís wrong? Whereís Cybersix?He asked. Data-7 gave another growl and moved impatiently. Lucas understood, he jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes. Data-7 jumped back out the window, while Lucas ran down the stairs to meet him. Lucas followed Data-7 to the place where Cybersix was. He found her in the alleyway, he had to remove her before someone spotted her. He knelt down beside her and tried to rouse her, but she still unresponsive. She was hardly even breathing. He gently picked her up and carried her back to his apartment. Once inside he placed her on the bed, and got out some of his sustenance. He carefully gave it to her, and he waited, nothing. No movement. Lucas kept looking at her, but still nothing. Then, slowly, her hand moved, and she shifted her head. He removed her hat, and brushed her hair out of her eyes.

††††††††††† Cybersix?Lucas said. She opened her eyes slowly and saw him. She smiled faintly at him.

††††††††††† Lucas... where are... whatís going... on?she asked.

††††††††††† Shh, youíre badly hurt, donít talk.Lucas said.

††††††††††† Thank you... Lucas... I... She tried to say, but her eyes fell shut again, and she slipped into a deep sleep. Lucas pulled the covers over her and stood up. He looked at Data-7. He glanced up at him and gave Lucas a look of thankfulness.

††††††††††† Come on, Data-7, lets go for a walk.Lucas suggested. He went over to the door and let the big cat out, then followed behind him. The two walked out into the street, and headed for the cafe. Lucas looked down at his watch, it said 6:37 am. The two arrived there and Lucas knelt beside


††††††††††† Hey, Data-7, I have some things to do, so Iíll meet you back at the apartment later on. All right?Lucas said to him

††††††††††† Grrrrrrooaaww.Data-7 nodded and walked down the street and into an alley. Lucas entered the cafe and took his usual seat. The waitress walked over and brought him a coffee.

††††††††††† Well, youíre here early, eh Mr. Amato she said to him,Special occasion?

††††††††††† Huh? Oh, no, just out for a morning stroll, thatís allLucas answered. He sipped at some of his coffee and started thinking about Cybersix.

††††††††††† What happened to her, who did this, and how can I help her?he thought. He stayed in the cafe for about half of an hour, then he got up and started walked to walk slowly home. It was about 7:18 am when he got back to the apartment, she was still asleep. He went to the couch and sat down, he was very tired himself, and he started to dose off. Before he fell asleep, he saw Cybersix slowly sit up in the bed. He sat up and looked at her.

††††††††††† Cybersix. You pulled through. How do you feel?He asked. She looked over at him and then held her head in her hands.

††††††††††† I canít remember... exactly what happened... Iíll try.She said tiredly. She got up and went and sat beside him on the couch.

††††††††††† I was fighting Talgen...but Lucas interrupted her.

††††††††††† Who?He asked.

††††††††††† Thatís the name of that stranger I told you about. We were having a big fight, and I was beating him pretty bad, until he shot something at me... like a cable or rope. I donít know what happened, but I started to black out, then I completely went under. The next thing I knew I was up here, with you.She said. She looked down at her arm, there was still a faint outline of where the cable was. She also saw the tattoo on her arm. CYBER 6. For 27 years it was there, always reminding her who she really was, just a creation, not human. She shuddered at the thought.

††††††††††† Whatís wrong, are you alright? Lucas asked. She pointed to the tattoo on her arm.

††††††††††† Oh, I see. Hey, I consider you human just as much as I am human.he said.

††††††††††† Thank you Lucas, I feel better now.Cybersix replied.

††††††††††† Before you fell asleep, you were trying to say something, what was it?Lucas asked.

††††††††††† I wanted to thank you, but I was too drained to do anything.She said. She leaned over to him and put her arms around his shoulders, they looked into each other eyes. He touched the side of her face gently. She leaned in closer and closed her eyes, as so did Lucas. They kissed. The two stayed like that forfew seconds. She slowly pulled away, and opened her eyes. He opened his own and looked at her. She still had her arms around him, she removed one and put it over the one on her face and smiled at him.

††††††††††† Thank you Lucas, youíre a great friend.She whispered to him.

††††††††††† What are friends for...he whispered back...


††††††††††† ...Talgen was in the lab talking with Jose. Talgen had given the device to Jose so he could process the energy. Jose hooked up the device to the W.E.W. and pressed a few buttons, the gauge on the device fell from 100% to 50% and to 0%

††††††††††† There, the energy is completely converted, and the weapon is at 50% total power, good work Talgen!Jose said

††††††††††† Jose, when you fire the weapon off, wonít I be affected as well?Talgen asked.

††††††††††† Donít worry, Iíll develop something to protect you from the weapon. When the machine has been fired off it will take about 2 days for the powder to cover the earth.Jose explained.

††††††††††† Very good. Now, I must sleep, for I am very tired from what happened today.Talgen said.

††††††††††† Very well, Iíll see you later.Jose said and continued working...


††††††††††† ...Cybersix sat up from the couch and walked towards the window, just then Data-7 jumped right through, startling her.

††††††††††† Hey! Data-7! How you doing?she asked him and petted him on the side of his face, then she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and faced Lucas.

††††††††††† Yes Lucas?Cybersix asked.

††††††††††† All this time you were disguising yourself as Adrian, why didnít you tell me, I wouldíve keptit a secret, you know me.Lucas said.

††††††††††† Oh, I just... you know... couldnít tell... because I never... really trusted humans... except you. I think Iím becoming more human than creature, but I donít really know.She said

††††††††††† Hey, lets go for a walk, you need some air to clear you head.Lucas said.

††††††††††† Thank you Lucas.she said and hugged him. The two walked over to the door and went downstairs, Data-7 went out the window as usual, because he her like stairs that much. Outside they kept to the alleyways, and away from the streets, in fear of being seen.

††††††††††† Donít worry, we wonít meet that Talgen guy, Ií m sure of it.Lucas said. But Lucas was about to be proven wrong...


††††††††††† ...Talgen woke up suddenly in a cold sweat. Thoughts raced through his mind about the fight.

††††††††††† Cybersix!!!he yelled,I will get my revenge!!He ran downstairs and out of the mansion, looking fiercely for Cybersix in the streets.

††††††††††† Thatís right, Iím coming for you, I hope youíre ready...Talgen whispered under his breath as searched...


††††††††††† ...Lucas, Cybersix, and Data-7 were about to go home when they encountered Talgen, he had been following them. He jumped off the roof and landed in front of the three, they all stopped. He had four scars right across his face, and an evil look in his eye. Data-7 stiffened up and started to growl.

††††††††††† Whatís going on?...Lucas asked, but Cybersix interrupted him.

††††††††††† Lucas, take Data-7 out of here, you have to go, NOW!she yelled at him. Lucas backed up and went around the corner, Data-7 followed him reluctantly. Cybersix stood in the alley way, staring coldly at Talgen. She took off her hat, and cape and tossed them aside. Talgen removed his sword, and deactivated the wristbands.

††††††††††† Lets go...She said. They fan towards each other, and he punched at her, but she dodged it and grabbed his outstretched arm. She threw him over her shoulder and against the wall. The wall cracked and partially collapsed. He recovered and dove straight for Cybersix. He tackled her hard onto the ground. She grabbed his shirt and back flipped him off, and landed in a pile of garbage. She got to her feet and looked in his direction. He came charging out of the pile at a tremendous speed, he kicked her hard in the midsection. She flew backwards, but rebounded quickly and landed on her feet. Lucas looked from around the corner, while Data-7 jumped onto a rooftop. Lucas didnít know what to do. he slowly edged his way around the corner. The two were still fighting fiercely. Cybersix hit Talgen, and fell backwards, right towards Lucas. Lucas grabbed him from behind. But unfortunately, Talgen was too strong, for Lucas. Talgen grabbed Lucasí arm and threw him over his shoulder and against the side wall of the alley.

††††††††††† Unn... my head...Lucas said wearily.

††††††††††† Lucas! Stay out of this, heís too dangerous!Cybersix shouted. Talgen hit his wrist, and the wristbands reactivated. He aimed right for Lucas, who was still knocked out.

††††††††††† Lucas!! Watch out!!She yelled and ran as fast as she could towards him. She tackled him out of the way, just in time, because Talgen fired the lightning, and the wall blew up. The two landed on the ground together. Talgen aimed, and was about to fire when Data-7 came leaping off the rooftop and landed right on Talgen. Talgen was planted right into the pavement, a small creator formed. He pushed Data-7 off with great strength from all the anger, and tried to stand up. But a severe pain in his right leg prevented him from doing so. He looked down, and saw that his leg was out of place. He reached sown and moved the joint back into place.

††††††††††† Aaahh!!!He yelled. He got up slowly and supported himself. He raised his arm with the device and aimed at Data-7.

††††††††††† Data-7!!! Watch out!!!She yelled. But it was too late, Talgen fired the cable and it wrapped around Data-7ís forearm.

††††††††††† No!!!Cybersix yelled. She ran over to where Talgen threw his sword down. Data-7 tried to pounce but he was quickly overtaken by the deviceís power. He stopped and let out a low growl.

††††††††††† Eat this, bastard!!She yelled and threw the sword as hard as she could. Data-7 collapsed just as the sword cut the cable. Talgen looked down at the broken cable.

††††††††††† No!! Not now!!Talgen yelled... But donít worry, Iíll still get you!He rewound the device, aimed, and fired at her.

††††††††††† Not again...She said and jumped out of the way. While he was rewinding it, Cybersix ran right for him and smashed him right in the face.

Blood flew from his mouth, as he landed on the ground. He slowly got up and started to run away. Cybersix picked up her cape and hat, and called out to Lucas.

††††††††††† Lucas! Help Data-7 while I follow Talgen, I'll meet you back at your apartment as soon as I can!She left down the street in hot pursuit. Lucas ran over to Data-7. He was still conscious, for he wasnít hit as hard as Cybersix had been. Lucas helped him to his feet, and they made their way home slowly...


††††††††††† ...Talgen made it back to the mansion, with Cybersix following him.

††††††††††† I should have known. Well, time to crash this little party.she thought to herself. Talgen opened the front door and entered. She waited a few seconds, then carefully entered as well. After looking around, she heard voices from the basement. She recognised the voice, Jose.

††††††††††† ...give me the device, Iím sick of your excuses.Jose said to Talgen.

††††††††††† I lost my sword in the fight, I have to go retrieve it.Talgen said.

††††††††††† Get out of my sight, I have to process this new energy, get lost!! Jose yelled.

††††††††††† Very well, I will go.Talgen turned and walked up the stairs. Cybersix went an hid around the corner, and watched Talgen leave. She turned and carefully made her way into the basement. Jose was laughing to himself.

††††††††††† Yes! My machine is 80% powered! Cybersix and Data-7 will now fall victim to my W.E.W! Hahaha!!Jose laughed outloud.

††††††††††† W.E.W? What the hell is that.she exclaimed as she approached Jose. He turned and saw her.

††††††††††† What!?! Cybersix!!! What are you doing here!?!Jose gasped with fear. He was helpless without Talgen here.

††††††††††† I'm shutting down your little party.She said.

††††††††††† Donít be too sure about that! Iíll finish you off myself.Jose said. He ran over to the machine and hit a few buttons. The machine activated and let out a big shockwave. It didnít affect Jose, but Cybersix was blown backwards from the blast. The whole mansion shook.

††††††††††† Just feel the power of my weapon! I will destroy you!!Jose yelled. There was another loud crash, as a second shockwave was emitted from the machine. Cybersix held her head, and headed up the stairs. She managed to open the door, but saw Talgen standing right in front of her. He had his arm raised, and the blue laser sight on her chest.

††††††††††† See you in he...Talgen said, but was cut off by another shockwave. He was thrown backwards because he didnít brace himself. Cybersix ran away from the mansion, and the pain started to lessen.

††††††††††† Ouch... what was that all that about?She exclaimed, She looked behind her and saw Talgen run into the mansion. The pulses stopped a few seconds later. She went back to the apartment. Lucas and Data-7 were there, and Data-7 was feeling a bit stronger now, but he was in no shape to fight.

††††††††††† Lucas...I figured out... what Jose is... doingShe said, out of breath.

††††††††††† What? What is it?Lucas asked.

††††††††††† He had... some sort... of machine... it has a bad... affect on me. I donít know what... it does... but weíd better destroy it... nowShe finished

††††††††††† Youíre in no shape to do anything of the sort,what you need is rest.Lucas said.

††††††††††† No, Iíll be... fine.Cybersix responded softly. Lucas got up from where he was sitting and went beside her. She was looking out the window, into the distance.

††††††††††† Look at yourself, youíre a wreck. Please, at least wait here until tonight.Lucas said and put his hand on her shoulder. She turned and faced him, and took his hand off her shoulder and held it.

††††††††††† No, I have to do this. I have no choice.She said, she squeezed his and slightly and then let go,I have to go somewhere and think for awhile.She left the apartment and walked down the stairs, and onto the street. Cybersix walked through the streets, until she got to the bridge where Lucas and her first met. She leaned over the edge and started thinking about everything that has ever gone on since she came here. Thoughts of the struggles between Von Reicter and herself. She thought of Lucas, and how he cared for her in her times of need. She then only realised how much she loved him. Love. A human emotion, was she actually human? She looked over the dark water, more memories flashed through her mind. Cybersix knew this day would come, she couldnít escape it. She stood there for a few minutes, recounting her life, then she looked over into the distance. She saw the mansion, high on itís hill, overlooking everything. She had to face her destiny, and there was no turningback. She turned back and started walking back to the apartment. It was almost dark, and the sun was very red. Cybersix jumped up to the window sill.

††††††††††† Lucas.She called out to him,I had to see you one more time before I go.Lucas walked over to the window, she was still outside on the sill.

††††††††††† Cybersix, I donít want you to go, I have a really bad feeling about this, just stay here.Lucas asked her.

††††††††††† I have no choice, sorry Lucas.she answered,please, I want you to stay here with Data-7, itís too dangerous for you to get involved.†† It was dark now, and the moon had crested the horizon. Her eyes glittered in the moonlight.

††††††††††† Will I ever see you again?he asked her. They got closer together, while the wind blew gently, causing her cape to surround the two.They looked at each other.

††††††††††† Yes...she answered, and put her head on his shoulders. He wrapped his arm around her, and his other arm around her waist. She straightened up and looked him. The white moonlight enveloped both of them, while the wind still blew gently. She put one hand on his chest, a single tear fell from her closed eyes as they kissed. Their final kiss. She opened her eyes and slowly pulled away from him. She stepped backwards, still holding his hands.

††††††††††† Farewell, Lucas...She said softly, and jumped back onto a nearby rooftop. She looked back at Lucas, he was still standing at the window, looking at her. She turned back and headed for the mansion...


††††††††††† ...Yes!! Itís almost time to use the weapon.Jose shouted.

††††††††††† Jose, where is my protection from this machine?Talgen asked.

††††††††††† Donít worry, youíll get it... in one form or another.Jose said under his breath.

††††††††††† Alright! Letís start the process!í Jose said and hit a few buttons on the machine. It turned on, and a small gauge read: 17% charged...


††††††††††† ...Lucas walked away from the window, and went and sat down, he looked over at Data-7. He growled sadly, and lowered his head. He reflected on his life now, all of his memories. She almost died earlier, and he was almost too late. This roused him out of his chair.

††††††††††† No, Iíve almost lost her once, Iím not going to lose her now!he thought to himself. He walked over to the door,come on, Data-7, lets go!

††††††††††† Grrr...Data-7 replied and followed Lucas out of the apartment...

††††††††††† 33% charged...


††††††††††† ...Cybersix made it to the mansion, and she slowly snuck in. She went to the basement door, and looked down. Jose was checking the final settings on the machine.

††††††††††† 48% charged...


††††††††††† ... Yes! Itís only a matter of time, then Cybersix canít escape!Jose laughed outloud. Just then Cybersix jumped into the basement. Both Talgen and Jose turned and looked at her.

††††††††††† Hello boys, having fun?She said.

††††††††††† Letís finish this once and for all!!Talgen challenged. He ran at her, and gave a powerful kick, but she ducked and returned with a forceful uppercut to his face. She latched onto his arms, and threw him hard on the ground. He slowly sat up, and raised his arms, the blue dots appeared on her body.

††††††††††† Idiot! Not in here!!Jose yelled. But it was too late, Talgen fired, but his aim was off. It hit the back wall, causing the mansion to shake. She dove forward and grabbed Talgenís arms. He tried to resist, and they struggled back and forth. He twisted out of her grip, and kicked her backwards.He raised his arm with the device on it, and pointed it at her. Cybersix saw it when Talgen fired and tried to jump out out of the way. It caught her ankle, and the device flashed, sending sown that red light again. The light hit her ankle, causing her to almost trip, but she stayed on her feet.

††††††††††† This time, no one can interfere!Talgen said.

††††††††††† 17%...

††††††††††† Aahh! You... donít have... me... yet!She gasped. She tried to move, but she was being sappedtoo quickly.

††††††††††† 34%...

††††††††††† Now I shall have my revenge!Talgen shouted,Iíve been waiting for this!


††††††††††† No... not again... I wonít give... up!But she collapsed onto the floor. More than half of all her energy was already depleted. The deviceís power ran through her body, the force becoming stronger every second.

††††††††††† I am, your superior, you canít resist!Talgen yelled triumphantly.


††††††††††† Memories shot through her mind, it canít end like this. She thought of Lucas, and all her memories of him.


I was always better...Talgen said.


NO!!!Cybersix yelled suddenly. All the thoughts gave her an instant surge of power.

††††††††††† 81% full...

††††††††††† 87%...

††††††††††† 63% ful...

††††††††††† 77% fu//...

††††††††††† 88 fll... <<Malfunction>>

††††††††††† 001 lluf...

††††††††††† 0000000%††††††††† !!!!!!!!!BOOM!!!!!!!!

††††††††††† Talgenís device blew up. The cable burned up in the red light. Talgenís shoulder was thrown out of place, as the explosion threw him backwards. Cybersix stood there, eyes gleaming, she was almost half mad. Talgen lay on the ground, unable to move.

††††††††††† So. You can beat Talgen, but lets see if you can stand up against my Surrogate Series!Jose said and he snapped his fingers. Three spheres fell from the ceiling, and slowly began to unfold. Their lights flared, revealing vicious, metallic looking figures. One was of a spider, while the other two were more humanoid.

††††††††††† Destroy her!Jose yelled and pointed at her.

††††††††††† 87% charged...


††††††††††† ...The two human forms jumped in, while the spider crept back into the darkness. They were very fast, and Cybersix had a hard time fighting both of them. She was beaten up pretty badly. One grabbed her from behind and held her tightly. The other came towards her with a high speed drill. It was just about to get her, when she got one of her arms free and grabbed the back of the drill. The one form loosened itís grip, and she jumped out. Cybersix jammed the drill right into the first forms chest. There was a spark and the two exploded with a loud bang. Cybersix turned and looked at Jose...

††††††††††† 93% charged...


††††††††††† Come on! Come on! Just 7% more to go!Jose yelled. Cybersix was standing near the machine, when the spider fell from the ceiling, and grabbed onto her shoulders. Itís grip was devastating, and it crushed her shoulder.

††††††††††† Aahhh!!!She yelled, and clenched her teeth and closed her eyes. She couldnít shake free, so she swung her legs up, and kicked it right in the eyes. She now managed to twist free from itís grip. As Cybersix fell, she grabbed onto one of itís legs, and pulled down with her. She landed hard on the ground, and the spider fell right beside her, on fire.She jumped away as best she could, holding her arm. The figure exploded, once again the whole mansion shook through itís foundations. She slowly turned and looked at Jose.

††††††††††† 100% charged...


††††††††††† You did good Cybersix. But this time, you lose!Jose yelled. He was about to hit the detonation button, when a silver object flew through the air at a blinding speed. It pierced Joseís hand and lodged itself deeply into the W.E.W. siding. It was Talgenís sword. He was on his feet, holding his arm, he was covered with wounds and blood. His wristbands were almost destroyed and were on the verge of exploding. The sword had cut some of the internal circuitry, and a charge was being produced. By this time, the whole lab was a war zone, fires were raging and debris was everywhere. The only undamaged spot was a smaller, outer room, with thick Pyrex glass. From this room, you could see the whole lab. Talgen slowly walked towards Jose.

††††††††††† What the hell... do you think youíre doing!?!Jose shouted.

††††††††††† You... betrayed... me!Talgen said weakly. He grabbed Joseís shirt

††††††††††† You... never... made anything... to protect me... from this fu**ing... machineCybersix looked over in their direction. Talgen looked††††††††††† over at her

††††††††††† Thank you... Cybersix... it was an... honour to lose... to youhe said. He glared back at Jose, The two could feel the electrical charge near their bodies.

††††††††††† I command you to stop!Jose yelled.

††††††††††† You may... have created... me, but I am... your master!Talgen yelled, and grabbed Joseís throat. This completed the circuit between them and the machine. Talgenís wristbands overloaded, and blew up with tremendous power, filing the room with a white light, followed by a bright fire. The explosion knocked out the supports from the W.E.W, and it dell to the ground with a big crash. Just at that moment, Lucas and Data-7 burst into the smaller, outside room. Lucas saw Cybersix kneeling on the ground, with her cape wrapped around herself.

††††††††††† <<Malfunction>> <<Malfunction>> the computer read out. The W.E.W. discharged with a mighty blast. But not all 80% of the stored energy was shot off. A few seconds later, the whole weapon exploded, causing the roof to cave in. The only exit out of the lab was completely blocked off. She was trapped in there, with the powder slowly coming towards her. She started backing up until she against the Pyrex glass. She turned and looked at Lucas. He tried to break it, but the glass was too strong. Cybersix couldn't break it due to her weakness, and broken shoulder. The powder still advanced towards her, it was filling the entire lab slowly.

††††††††††† Cybersix!!Lucas yelled.

††††††††††† Lucas...She said weakly,there is... no hope for me now... I canít get out.

††††††††††† There has to be away! Keep trying!Lucas shouted. She turned and looked over her shoulder, the powder was about 12 feet away and closing in.

††††††††††† Lucas... Iíll never forget... you, and Iím going to miss... you.Cybersix said sadly, and started to cry. Lucas smashed his fists against the glass, tears falling down his face as well. There was no chance of escape.

††††††††††† We finally... did it, be beat... him, itís all... over...She said through glittering eyes. He placed his hand up to the glass, she did the same as well.. He closed his eyes and looked down.

††††††††††† Iíll always be with you, no... matter what... happens... please donít said.

††††††††††† I will never forget you, Cybersix, how could I?Lucas replied.The powder was almost at her feet. They still had their hands pressed against the glass together. She looked at him and smiled, this was his last moment with her. One lone tear fell from her face and landed on the ground. She put her hand over her heart.

††††††††††† Youíll always be... right here...was the last she said to him when the tear was overtaken by the powder. When it hit her foot, there was an instant reaction. There was a brilliant white flash. Cybersix arched her back, looked upwards, and closed her eyes. She was covered by the white light. Allthat Lucas could see, was a faint black outline of her body,Then the white overtook that as well.The light faded quickly, and nobody was on the other side of the glass. Lucas slowly lowered his hand, and saw her print still there. It quickly faded into nothingness. Lucas fell onto his knees, and held his face in his hands. He had lost her forever. That was the last time Lucas ever saw Cybersix...




††††††††††† ...Lucas carried on with his life, but he had lost someone very special and close to him. Without her, he was also practically dead. He could never stop thinking about her, and everything theyíve went through. But in the back of his mind, he knew she was still out there, somewhere, watching him at this very moment. He was in his apartment, when he looked out the window, over the rooftops, He saw nobody, nothing. He remembered his last thought of her, she was smiling at him. Somehow, deep inside, something gave him the strength to smile as well...†††


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Thank you,

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Jon Burke

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† April 24, 2000


Authors Notes:


I got my ideas from various situations in the show, plus from my own thoughts. It took me about 26 days to write this particular story, as compared to 2 days for my first story, Survival. This story is mainly battling and more serious plot line than the first. Itís more active and dramatic. While the first was more of a romantic, tragedy. Talgen was my own creation, who was betrayed, but he managed to redeem himself, at the end of the story. He was a person of no heart and little regard for any life in particular, not even for his own creator. Consideed a battle hardened warrior, he fears nothing. Things I would change would the fist and second fight scenes, to be molded into one. Also, Talgen should recieve both weapons at once and not on seperate occations. Thanks for reading.††††† Jon Burke