Episode 20 : Lost in the Fog

Written by : Frundock


A black-suited woman standing there, looking at the moon. All this time Deimos had been looking at her for the last two hours.  She was fascinating, she seems to be reciting poems, or some kind of text while, always, looking at the moon.  All this patience, and of course, why would she stay there.  He wanted to go speak with her, but his order was clear, he could go in the city of Meridiana to relax, but no contact with anyone.  It was sad but he could understand why his master had put such measures.  Don’t forget where you come from, but don’t be part of it anymore.  


            She had rather short hairs, black has coal.  It was getting bigger inside him, he needed to see her from a better spot.  He was about to move when he felt some hot air around is neck. Someone had got him…


On the island, off the shore


- Uncle, are you sure it is a good idea?

- I think so, why do you think it could be bad for us José?


            The bastard! José hated when Amadeus didn’t gave him an answer and returned him the question.  He knew Amadeus had a good idea why doing this, but sending the two most important elements of zwölf!  They had not been trained on the field and they could be influenced by what could happen around them.


- Nothing Uncle, I just thought they could be unprepared for the “outside” world.

- Sie erlernen durch die harte Weise...


Back in Meridiana, a man is on the ground guarded by what seemed to be a black panther...


- Now tell me who you are NOW!


            He looked strange, Cybersix had never seen this kind of person.  He definitely wasn’t completely human.   He had this look on is face, “when you don’t understand but you still handle the situation”.


- Who are you?

- Why would you want to know?

- Data-7, show him how I care.


            The poor man was gasping.  Data-7 had a solid grip on his feet, and it was hurting.


- Dahhh !  Alright, Alright, my name is Deimos, are you happy?

- You are not human, why did Amadeus sent you after me?

- Wh…What?  I wasn’t sent after you, I was looking at you! there, you know it, happy?

- Data…

- Dang it, why are you doing this? It hurts like hell!

- Are you one of the twelve? Don’t make this face, I had access to documents about your series. So, are you one of the twelve?

- I….I….can’t…


            It was then all thing turned wrong for Cybersix.  She spotted a shadow on her left. Was it really a shadow? Data-7 was hit and in no time, Deimos was back up.  He launched a quick attack at her, which she thought she could handle, but suddenly, she was off guard and he knocked her on the ground.  When she wake up, he was gone for long, Data-7 was near her, waiting for his sister to wake up.


- What happened Data?


A few kilometres from them, two men are running


- What were you thinking, the orders were clear, no contact!

- They caught me, that panther must have weight a ton…

- So what?

- Come brother, we have to go home now…


            The rest of the ride was quick; to avoid being followed they had some tricks to do before reaching the harbour.  But all this time Deimos’ mind was only thinking about that strange black suited woman he was watching minutes ago. What kind of human has a panther as a friend, and can even call it brother? It sure was an intriguing new development in his life. She seemed pretty capable herself; she must have trained a lot because for a moment, he thought she had blocked him.  Anyways, maybe his master will give him information.


Near the mountains


- You’ve met some guy on top of a building?

- Yes Lucas, I already told you, me and Data-7 had him in hand but we were attacked.

-  Wow, how could they beat you both?

- I’m not sure, I think they are from the Twelve.

- Crap, so he did launch them…

- They look incredibly agile, and awfully fast, could not get to them.

-(Lucas, turning to Data-7) And you big cat, you couldn’t do nothing…


            The only answer he got was a load roar.  Still, Lucas was worried, the Twelve ready meant a new bread of fighter.  According to the book they had stolen in José’s mansion four months ago, those would be rather unusual opponents.   And with José getting stronger in the east side, difficult time were ahead…


- Alright Cyb, we have to get more information on the one you meant, Deimouts?

- Deimos…  I wonder where does it come from.

- Don’t know, I’ll search on it later.



The castle, the room is huge, yet simple. At the end, a table made from old wood, but on each sides of the room stands huge pillars. Like giants they watch over you while you go to the table…  So simple table… But there, is awaiting Deimos’ Master, Amadeus, silent, who’s on the single chair, on the other side of the simple table.


Deimos was now living the purest of all Amadeus wraths.  Walking to him, walking slowly to him, where he knew his mistake would be told and nothing more would happen.  Still, that damn walk to the table.  And why does he never put anything on that damn table? At least, it could have some use… But no, he was walking slowly to the table, the head a tad bowed to show his respects… Walking to the table… And when he finally got there, he had to wait… Wait until his master, he would had brought him powers, to speak first.  An eternity, but Deimos, could survive it… And when he started to speak, what came out was unexpected.


-Tell me Deimos, who was that woman you met in the city?

-Huh?!? Wha… I don’t know her name sir.

-You said to your brother she was in black and was with a panther is that correct?

-Yes sir!

-Interesting… You may go now…


            This had been rather unusual… He was waiting for some kind of reprimands… He didn’t know for sure, but something was disturbing Amadeus, and really bad.


-Oh, and Deimos, try not to get see next time…

-Yes sir.

In Cybersix’s house…


-Well, look at that Cybersix, Deimos is officially a satellite…

-Ah come on, Amadeus isn’t the kind of person to name a person after a metal thing…

-Not those satellite Cyb, the one around the planets, like the moon, Deimos is actually a moon of Mars.

-Now, that’s more like it.


            What kind of pathetic romantic does he thinks he is…  Lucas was feeling strange thru all this. Some elements were not right. Deimos, the moon of Mars.  The project Zwölf… The moon on the cover.  What was the meaning of all this.  Cyb and he had looked thru the entire book.  Of course, the German was a pain in the ass to learn but they had understood the general idea.  Enhanced human that can move faster and more important, react faster…


-Lucas, I’ll have to go get more information on them tonight, try to make contact with him again…

-What you saying Cyb?  This guy is a threat; you know as well as me he can be very dangerous to you. I cannot consider you want to see him again…

-I need too…  He was different I think.  The last Trance me and Data had was cold and didn’t even speak with us… Him, he even gave me his name…

-Still… I don’t want to be…

-Lucas, please, understand me… I think he’s like me. Maybe he doesn’t want to be with his master.

-W..welll, that’s always a possibility, but…

-It’s worth it! Can’t you see.


            All this time she had been searching, searching for someone like her, someone who could understand her.  Being with Lucas had changed her life forever.  But now, with Deimos, she felt she could open herself.  Express those feelings she has towards her creator, her God.  Would this person feel like her? He who was human before.


-Please Lucas, understand me…

-Alright, but don’t get caught, I don’t want to go on that island again…

-Like I ever got caugh ;)


Changing place, a song is playing loud.


i'm ahead, i'm advanced...
i'm the first mammal to wear pants, yeah
i'm at peace, with my lust
i can kill 'cause in god i trust, yeah
it's evolution baby


            Why would it be him anyways?  Amadeus was way to pride to give second to someone who wouldn’t completely be his creation.  José was a little depressed.  He was lacking actions, and tonight he had decided to take the car and do a run, like he could in the old time. Swinging thru the streets with the new automobile.  At least now, he could see the road much better and appreciate the speed.


all the rolling hills, i flatten 'em out, yeah
it's herd behavior, uh huh
it's evolution baby
admire me, admire my home
admire my son, he's my clone


            His uncle, his new master was in total devotion to his new series, the Zwölf.  Pitiful man, if you continue to give more freedom to those men, they won’t listen to you…  He was sure something was going wrong on the home base, on the remote island. Something was wrong, and he couldn’t know.  Maybe it had something to do with that bitch of Cybersix.  The renegade had him in worries for some months, and now, he was pretending he didn’t care about her anymore?


i am ahead, i am advanced
i am the first mammal to make plans, yeah
i crawled the earth, but now i'm higher
2010 watch it go to fire
it's evolution baby
it's evolution baby

* do the evolution, by Pearl Jam *


            No way Amadeus cleared his mind from her.  He still wants the revenge… I’ll get Amadeus the revenge he wants, he’ll get exactly what he wants.  And now, the car engine started screaming, the trees in the forest where now like a tapestry.  José was going for his record tonight, eating the road, would he be able to catch with the 280 km/h ?


            Lucas in his new house near the road heard a car coming amazingly fast, with in it, someone screaming in joy…  For a moment, he thought he heard the man inside saying he hated some bastard.  He never knew who it was.  For the present time, he was only worried about Cybersix, she was with Data-7 in Meridiana, searching for Deimos, or one of the twelves.


Meridiana’s newly rebuild zone


            Yes, there was one there, right there. Standing.  And best of all, it was exactly who she was looking for, Deimos.  He seemed alone, but last time he wasn’t.  So a good investigation wasn’t gonna be too much caution.  He was alone, and he was laid, watching the sky.  He seemed to be in deep meditation, would disturbing him be awkward?  She didn’t know anything about him.  From where she was, she could see his month move.  He was not sleeping at least.  The best would be to sit and wait till he seem to have snap out of it.  Then she could speak with him without problems.


-Hey black lady… You can come out of your hiding place, I know where you are. Nothing to fear…


-Nah, come here if you want.


            What a chance…