Episode 18 : Thru mind and physiology

By : Frundock


-What do you mean you can make sustenance ?

-As you remember, I analysed your blood and told you had some kind of “new” blood cells... Well, I was wrong, those are sustenance.  They act as a new power supply to your body.  Kind of like a super vitamin.  All your neuro system depends on it.  As far as my knowledge is, I don’t think I could ever get you off sustenance.  But for sure, I think we can make our own.

-Well explained, except about the making....

-The products are simple, as is life.  But it’s the mixing which is apparently extremely hard to accomplish, as is life.

-So you don’t know anything much right now...

-Agree but we both know someone who might know...

-You want to go see José ? That is simply mad !  Begging this child to know the truth.

-Listen ! I got to know this. You got to know this.... And we don’t have to beg...


Cybersix and Lucas, around the table near their house are silent.  They are thinking, what they might decide to do is full of consequences, full of “what if”.  There is a small wind, making their hairs move. Lucas decides to stand up, looking at the ocean...


-We will need a good plan.  A very good plan.

-I know this Cybersix.  I even got some good ideas...


Meanwhile on an Island, away from the coast


There are three human shadows on a while.  They are not moving steady as wood.  One man is getting near them, his sword tied in its socket.  He his silent, judging their moves.  The tall moving man stop moving.  He has made his choice.  Jumping on one’s shoulders he quickly draws his swords and slash two heads.  He jumps of the first one making a huge a huge mark on his back.  As Amadeus looks at the results, he grabs one of the woodenheads on the ground and look at it.


-We finally meet each other cruel enemy.  You wanted a fight and you loss.


He drops the head and it bounced over the ceiling sliding to the door where a guard is standing.


-(Amadeus) Come here Io, lets speak together.

-Yes sir.

-What has decided the issue of this fight Io ?

-Sir, you were very swift and you got them.

-Ahhh !  Swiftness, yes a good point indeed.  But you see, I think I won because they were in wood and I was moving.

-(Laughing) Yes sir but...

-There is no but, they were and still are in wood.  The goal of this training is to face any enemy as a wooden statue.  He has no advantage against you for he is in wood.

-I see, but a living creature is unpredictable...

-A great point Io, at what point is it unpredictable...

-...I don’t know sir....

-So do I, but one living thing is predictable for me...

-May I ask which sir ?

-(As he leaves the room) Me Io....Me.


Amadeus is in meditation, his katana on his knees,  the head slightly bent.  He has two big problems right now.  Cybersix and his nephew José.  One has a great potential and the other may decide to fight against him.  How may I deal with this little bastard he has proven he is treacherous but still, he could be very useful on my side.  But he knows José only has one ally, him self.  And Cybersix, she has proven she is a worthy fighter.  Last week, two trance came back to base pretty injured.  She fights with passion. Von Reichter used to send all kinds of monsters against her...  In that strategy he failed.  Maybe I could fight her with a more subtitle weapon.  Fight her thru her loves and inspirations... 


In a mansion far from there...


-Yes uncle, I will do as you said...


José turns away from the screen. He looks pale but it is rage.  How could he dare doing this ?  It was now obvious to Von Reichter’s child that Amadeus was tired of him and wanted his brother’s creation to prove themselves worthy of something or they would soon all die.  José was afraid, since he came into Meridiana, his life had turned out has a living hell. Meridiana, city of the damned, she well owns her name. Amadeus just asked José to duel with one of his Trance.  The winner would have the privileges of fighting with Amadeus, as he would conquer Meridiana.  The duel would be a fight using their body and the only issue would be dead.


Helmut was in the room looking at his master.  José was thinking real hard.  Usually his master would be impulsive and yelling at everyone, but now, he was silent.  No more over-expressive moves.  Helmut understood the moment was serious and moved near his beloved master.  Standing straight he wanted to show José he was ready to be with him and fight.


-Can I be of any help sir?

-Maybe Helmut…I will need a lot of training for the next week…

-All right master, I shall train with you then.


For the first time in his life (as short as it has been), Helmut saw his master smiling at him.  But not for his stupidity or his dumbness, but because he had acted as he expected him too.


-You’re not such a dumb half-fat cow after all Helmut!


1 week later on Amadeus’ island


The fighting arena was quite simple, wooden floor, and a hexagon shape.  On a chair was sited Amadeus, who would act as a referee.  All lights came from torch suspended over them.  José had to fight with Io, a tall black Trance with over 3 foot of advantages.  To José, it was clear his uncle was tired of his incompetence.  He had failed again… And it was too much.


-The fight both of you is about to start will be the ultimate test.  One of you will die, and by that prove his value to me.  You have no weapon and I do not intend to see any of them coming out to help either of you.  If something wrong happens in this fight, I WILL interfere.  Do you but understand.

-Yes Master!

-Yes uncle…


José was starring at his opponent.   He his so tall yet, fast.  I saw many Trance fighting and they are impressive.  My only chance is to knock him.  In José’s head, a pure fierce of winning was growing.  He wanted to beat this huge fighter in front of him.  He wanted to turn to his uncle and tell him he had understood the lesson.  But doing this would only have putted him in bigger troubles.  No what he needed to do was fight and win.


-May both of you fight with honours…  NOW!


José quickly moved to his left and threw a punch, all he had, enough to break a wall to Io’s chest.  With that, I should make him scream.  || Swoosh || He hit nothing but air.  José was still in his moves but he saw Io behind him ready to hit him.   His hands were moving… fast… to his head.  He had lost, in 2 seconds this fight was done…


But they never touched him…  Instead a loud “Clonk” was heard.  Io’s head was on the ground, his body still straight.  Behind was Amadeus his katana in hand. Has the body felt to the ground. He walked to José, who was still nervous and shaking.


-For you see José, I will soon need you for greater project and I needed to test your loyalty.

-Y…yyy..you wann….

-Want to test your loyalty.  It’s that simple.

-B..But you killed one of your men.

-He was weak and too…simple.  Now understand me José, I will need you to track Cybersix… Once and for all.


Back to a peaceful house of Meridiana


-Lucas, are you sure you want to try this?

-Cybersix, trust me please…

-But I have not saw José in the mansion for three days, he just came back from somewhere… But where?

-I’m pretty sure he comes back from…

-Amadeus, yes I know that, but what has he been doing there 3 days? He was strange when he came back from there.


-Well, he was quiet.  He only get off his car and entered the house. He needed the help of someone to walk.  And he seemed a tad higher to me.

-Yeah but that can be explained, you were far and looking thru a glass.  Deformations of lights and images are common. We both know he can’t grow.

-Well, Helmut seemed to have a hard time to hold him.


At this moment Data-7 comes in the house roaring.  He seemed pretty happy to be back with Cybersix.


-(Lucas) Hello fella !  How was the hunt?


            The Black Panther answered with a loud roar.


-(Cybersix) Yeah! Seems like you did fine!

-(Lucas) Of course, I’m sure he did great.  How could the fiercest creature of the jungle do otherwise?

-Agree, now let’s go dinner!  I’m sure you don’t mind Lucas!

-Ah! Funny Cybersix!  You should try writing a book about those one.

-I might do so…

-Yeah well don’t forget we got something important to do tonight.


Cybersix turns to see Lucas.  They both stare at each other for a moment.  She knows the meaning of this.  It might give her a freedom of life she never thought of.  She could finally stop hunting those Fixed Idea.  She would have an endless supply of sustenance and be with Lucas here, maybe even going teaching in the day.  Who knows? Adrian had recently took some long vacation but he might want to come back…


-Okay, we’ll do it Lucas…


Near the mansion, in the trees.


-Okay Lucas, we do as we planned.  You go place a bomb on the east site of the garden.  While all guards goes to see this, I will enter by the back of the house.  I go see José and take the recipe for sustenance from him.

-Clear sir!

-You don’t need to say that Lucas.

-Sorry Cybersix, its just that I just saw “Full Metal Jacket” and I’m in the mood for military action.

-Well, just don’t put yourself in danger.  Data-7 will be there to cover you if some see you.


-All right let’s do it.


Into mansion’s walls, a Fixed Idea is doing his round


As he walks, he hears a small beep coming from the woods. As he was told to guard the place he goes to see, making a sign at another Fixed Idea he is going in the woods.  Beep noise again… in the woods, must find it.  He searches thru the small flowers and near one three, he finds a black box with red number on it.


-Eeeehhh…. 564!


-Come look at this! I found some kind of clock over here!

-Ouuuh! I want to see!!!

-You see, it’s written, “At zero you have gift”!

-Weee! 454 likes gift!

-564 too. Gift in 9 seconds.


They both start giggling as the number goes down.  They like gift.  When they receive sustenance from their master, he always says it’s a precious gift.  And they like sustenance… Maybe it is sustenance!?!


|| BOOM || The explosion makes the two guards vanish into green smokes instantaneously and a big fire is spreading in the forest.  All guards rush to the scene to try to shut the fire off.


While they are doing this, Cybersix silently enters by the back door, looking at the moon a last moment before entering. Goodbye my dear one, see you in a few minutes with my freedom. 


She is inside, the walls were painted in black and yellow since she last come.  At least José got some taste for colours.  It is strange inside.  No noises inside, apparently José didn’t heard the explosion.  That doesn’t matter; she’s going to his room.  It is there.  Huge doors of old British wood.  On each of them stand a part of a knight. Such a noble sign for a ignorant and violent child… What a shame.  She kicks the door and enters the room. 


-Hello bonehead!  I came to speak with you.


No one is on the bed.


From the left part of the piece, two golden eyes are looking at her… Analysing her….


-Hello Cybersix, welcome to the party.