Episode 17 : The Treason of All

-(Yashimoto) What are those ?

Lucas is holding grey balls in his hands. They look like plastic sphear filled with little rock. In fact, when they move, they make the sound of little rock...

-Humm.. Well... Those are bombs, if we are on the right island, we will need those.
-We are...
-I still don't understand how you know that.
-Amato, you need to learn how to observe. Here, take those binoclars and look carefully at the east tower, you'll find your answer there.

Lucas takes them and carefully analyse each details. A black Fixed Idea is patroling in the tower. He has no gun on him but Lucas can see he's carying a long stick with him. No apparent metals on it.

-Just a tad higher...

There's the roof, on each corners, a piece of wood is coming out. On one of them, there's... A HAT ! It's Cybersix's hat !! Yashimoto was right, we are on the right island. I can now come and get you Cybersix, then I'll tell you what I found studying the substance.

-You were right Yashimoto, her hat is up there. We can start your plan now.
-Wait ! That mean they're waiting for us don,t you understand ? We have to revise our tactic. If we go like we had thought, we'll get caught and we'll all die.

Data-7, behind them, is betting anxious. He wants to go fighting. He wants to see her sister back. This time, Amadeus ain't fleeding.

-(Lucas) Then, what should we do ?
-We have to find an entrance, a clear one. Then, we will make a diversion near of it. A normal army would double the guard on the other side of the explosion. We will enter near the hot spot, where everyone's running and screaming orders. There, we should easily sneak inside.
-That sound logic, I hope you are right.
-Well, I'm not sure, but I think it's our best shot. Agree Data-7 ?

The panther answer by noding, he must not makes too much noise.

-(Lucas) Good, once inside, I'll go get her. You come by the roof and join me in the searchs. Yashimoto will do the diversion

< scene changes, now inside the castle, Amadeus is inside an empty room with José >

Amadeus sits on the ground, doing to lotus, he wears his black uniform and on his knee, lies his black katana. He seems to be meditating.

-(José) How can you be so sure they will come ?
-She keeps hoping they won't come, besides, I don't think she leave people, undiferrent after she meets them. I can easily imagine someone giving his life for her.
-That would be crazy ! Besides, they must find us and this fortress is very well hidden master...
-If in the next two days, tey don't find us, and that would disappoint me a lo, we will use more radical technics.
-*Gigles* I hope to see that from you master !
-*Looking strangely at José* Oh, you will one day, you will...

< Scene changes back to Lucas, Yashimoto and Data-7 >

-(Yahimoto) Okay, is that right for all of you ?

They both nod, this is getting serious. They will attack a castle filled with powerful creatures

Sounds comes from the bushes. they all turn and see it's a men, or something looking like one. Data-7 know who it is and jump on him immediatly to attack him.

-(The Strangers) Ppppllease, make him stop ! I'm here to help you...
-(Lucas) Data-7, hold... for a second...Who are you and how can you help us ?
-Mmmy, My name's Helmut. I'm José's second and I can tell you a safe entrance and where Cybersix is.
-(Yashimoto) José's second uh ? Why should we trust you, you're a techno, you're loyal to your master at all cost, even for your own death.
-Indeed, we techno, are always loyal to our master and so am I with José, but not with that strange tall guy.

Data-7 groan, he heard enough, he wants to end with this techno and go get her sister. Time is running out.

-(Lucas) Calm down Data-7, he's starting to interrest me !

The huge black cat doesn't seem to agree but release his grip on Helmut's neck.

-(Helmut, massing his neck) Thank you, I will now explain myself if you allow me to. -(Lucas & Yashimoto) Go for it. -Master, uhh..José, had been acting strangely since Amadeux came into Meridiana. He stopped playing video games, or any kind of games and became very serious. This really upseted me si I wanted to go get informations... Once Amadeus will caught and destroy Cybersix and her friends, he would kill all of Von Reichter's creation.

He takes a pause, the other are staring at him as if he was a strange new kind of trick. They believe I'm lying, but I'm not how can I make them understand that...

-(He continues) I fight with and for my master, Prince José, not for his uncle. I want to keep José alive, by helping you guys to free Cybersix.. If she escape, Amadeus will see Cybersix really can be dangerous for him and will understand why is brother and nephew failed to kill her. As you see, I need you as much as uoi need me. Please, do believe in me, I'll help you the free the cyber and you'll go away...

Lucas stare at Yashimoto, he wants an advice... Helmut confused him. As if the situatiojn wasn't enough complicated. Date-7 also seems to be thinkig, what Helmut said did made some sens to him.

-(Yashimoto) Alright, what do you have to offer ?
-There is a secret underground tunnel. I used it to leave the castle and to find you. We may enter there. Insede, there's no guards except in the detention block, two of them with Cybersix.
-(Lucas) Okay, lead us.

Helmut lead them to a tree. It is huge, so huge, there's a door in it. Before opening it and entering, Helmut turns and say :

-We must be very careful now, the castle was maid so nearly everything could be heard from everywhere. The detention block is the exception to this.

The tunnel's walls are covered with japanease text, only Yahimoto can understand what is wrote.This work is impressive and very mythological... "May all who come have peace in their mind".

There's now into the castle, Data-7 stop there and guard the tunnel. Lucas and Yashimoto look at each other. Helmut was right, no one's inside, still they have to be cautious.

-(Helmut, whispering) She is upstair, garded by two Trance (black F.I.). I'll lead them away, you will have two minutes.

Helmut goes upstair and speak with the guards. He tells them Amadeus wants a report from them. They can leave Cybersix alone, she can't escape. They go with Helmut and once they turn the corner, Lucas rush upstair while Yashimoto guard the stairs.

-Cybersix ! I'm here to help, I finally found you !
-Oh Lucas... how ?
-No time for this, they'll be back soon
-Thank you Lucas.
-Don't thanks me, thanks José. But I'll explain this to you later.

Lucas takes a knife and cut Cybersix's rope. He gives her a vial of subtance which she drink immediatly. Lucas really planned this thing, this evasion...

-Come Cybersix, Yashimoto's waiting downstair.
-Yashimoto's here ???
-Shsss ! Come, we must leave now.

Down the stair, Cybersix simle to Yashimoto and they all rush to the tunnel where Data-7 is still waiting for them. Good to see you back brother, big hug to you ;)

< Scene changes now is Helmut with the two Trances >

-So, you're from unit 4 right ?
-Uh.. No, me and Albert are from the fifth.
-What you're from the fifth ?!? Go back to your post, I made a big mistake...

They all rush to the detention blocks and when they arrives, no one's there.

-What ! Where is she damnit ? ALARM ! She escaped (Turns to Helmut) What just happen ?
-I don't know, I was asked to bring unit five to Amadeus.
-WHO asked you that ?
-Well, I think it was Amadeus himself, because it was a tall guy with golden eyes. I had never saw him before.
-You've been tricked idiot creature ! Amadeus never gives an order himself to such a low creature as you are. Now, help me to find her !

< Scene changes, Amadeus and José >

-(Amadeus) What ?! She escaped... How ?
-(Herbert, the other Trance, one knee on the ground) Someone cut fer ropes master.
-And where were you ?
-José's stupid creature got tricked... He thought you had ask him to bring us here. He realized is mistake in the great hall
-Damnation, her friends were here. Spead the mens into the forest, check the coast. I want all of them alive !
-Yes SIR!

Trances spread on the island looking on the island. The little renegade team is fleeding as fast as they can but they also try to be cautious. The terrain is ackward, it's a little jungle. Cybersix, filled with substance, leads the way. Yashimoto and Lucas are exhausted, they achieved their mission, adrenaline's going down... Data-7 just behind them is pushing them, reminding that they yet haven't leave the island.

-(Lucas) Ah please Data-7, we're clear now...

Jsut as Lucas say that, he sees a Trance staring at them. Oh my god, we're caught... More running I guess The Trance (Albert) yell to some his partners whom join to track the little group. Both Lucas and Yashimoto are now running really fast.

-(Yashimoto, breathless) Maybe we could use those little bombs of yours... What do you think ?
-(Lucas) Humm...
-(Cybersix) BOMBS ???
-(Lucas) Keep Running...

< Scene changes, Amadeus and José on top of building, watching the action >

-(José) Will they find her master ?
-they will if she's still on the island.

A bomb explode on the south side. Yep she's here and not alone. Another blow up, Amadeus quickly grabs his katana and rush to the scene. He jumps from tree to tree. Finnaly, he's in the smoke, four dead Tranche lying everywhere on the ground. Four good men less. She will pay for that...

< Now on a ship, the island is already getting smaller >

Cybersix's into Lucas arms, they're both looking at each other. The island's already far away and in front of them, a gigantic moon. They're heading to Meridiana, far away, you can see the city's lights. In an hour, they'll be home.

-(Cybersix) Thank you Lucas, you came to get me back, even if there were great dangers.
-Well, you're my girl and I won't let you down.
-Thank you so much.

They both hug real thight then start to kiss each other. Don't ever get caught again Cybersix, I love you too much to loose you ever again.

Thanks for beleiving in me Lucas, you saved my life and shown me how great your heart is.

Yashimoto and Data-7 are on the upper deck, the moon behind them. They are looking at the young couple, not saying a thing. They leave to give them more privacy. On front of the boat they are calm, happy, reliefed. The boat is on auto-pilot and it's heading for Meridiana. They can sit and enjoy life. Please, give those both peace and love forever.

< José and Helmut, leaving the castle >

-Look at what you've done half-cow !
-Well master, they tricked me, they rescued Cybersix...
-I KNOW THAT stupid one ! I can't believe they got you ! I trusted you. My uncle is now even more mad. That is all your FAULT !
-I'm sorry master...
-You better be ! Now bring me back to the mansion.

José leaves kicking a flower pot. He's nearly screaming his rage, pulling hairs off his head. Stupid dumb creature, I'm surrounded by people working against me.

Helmut, behind José, is smiling, watching his master leaving. He's releived. You're alive master and you will stay so because now, Amadeus fears Cybersix. She is your ennemy and salvation.

Here end Episode 17. Much longer then the other, hope you liked it. Please send me comment via e-mail.