Episode 16 : Tricked

The mood was dark, Josť's back into Amadeus's house. The master is sitting on the very ground but even then, he is taller then Josť. Mugene's son (Josť) is waiting strait and silently. He waits for an answer from his new master. His golden eyes looks like glass and he doesn't even seem to be breathing. But then he speaks to himself...

- She's a sly one...
- Yes very indeed master !
- Quiet, I'm trying to think young insolent ! * He stand up and goes walking around Josť. He stops behind him, his hand very rigid.* She has friends, we must find them and destroy them. If we take Cybersix as an hostages, they'll show up to save her then, we will be able to eliminate the whole problem.
- ...
- Your mission is that you, Josť, you and your man bring her to me. I shall capture her there. * On a map he points the the angel statue location, into Meridiana's center * There me and some of my men will take care of her.
- Master, she as a friend, Data-7 one of father's panthers. You must not forget about it.
- Easy we'll just bring it to another place. And we need a witness...

Josť leaves the room and join Helmut in the hall. They walk thru what seems like a castle, an old japanease castle. The wall are tick and the sound clear. Someone can easily hear everyone speaking into the place. Especially Amadeus.

- Welcome back master, are we going to do anything ?
- I will only act as my uncle told me to,
- Oh..ok. *Helmut is confused, it's the first time Josť act like this*
- Uncle is... Very dangerous, alot...
- If you say so master, thanks for the advice
- What do you think semi-human ??? That you can understand him !!!! Your stupid mind will acheive that !
- Alright master...
- Come on, we have a ship to take.

Cybersix is jumping from roof to roof, Data-7 along with her, They are near the harbors and they decide to stop there. They're on one of the stockhouse's roof, the rebuilding city behind them, the sea in fron of them. Faw away, they can see the forest that were destroyed in the explosion. It was huge, the shockwave pushed me and Data-7 so far away from the shore... I only had enough force to grab a piece of wood which kept me above water. All was to fait and I was lucky to survive. Now, I'm alive and I fear a new ennemy

- What will we do Data-7 ? Amadeus really looks powerful...

The panther answer with a small groan, he goes to see her.

- Yes, you are right. I have friends now. They'll help me. Together we will defeat him.

But then she quickly turn to the city. An explosion just happned near Josť's mansion. That sound bad, better go to check

Rushing on top of Meridiana, they quickly arrive at the crime scene. Josť's relling orders to his men. They run everywhere, but they manage to get into transport truck and leave. I wonder what is Josť up to... The trucks are going fast thru the city and they are making some dommages to the building but they finally stop, near the angel statue. There they start to assemble so kind of machine, it doesn't look too good. Another strange idea from that little devil... I can't see what he's doing She jumps onto the statue to have a better view. Bending over she see they are making some kind of net thrower. If he thinks he can catch me with that...

- Welcome Cybersix, I'm glad you came.
- *She turns back* Amadeus...
- Good, you can see *He's wearing black clothes, only thing she can see are his golden eyes and the katanahe has in hand.*
- What do you want from me ?
- That you be a good puppet my dear.
The net is launch from the base and fall on her. She trys to get away but the nets is too heavy and she doesn't have room for a quick jump. Amadeus gets near her, his blade reflecting the moon's light.

- I really am hoping who will comes to free you. For now you come with us. *He looks tot he ground, Fixed Idea are fighting with Data-7, he is out-numbered and quickly looses the battle* Leave him alive, we need someone, or something to report what happen here to ohters.

They all leaves to scene, leaving Data-7 alone in a pretty bad shape. Cybersix's hat is just next to him. He takes it and head for the mountains where he and Cybersix, live with Lucas.

< scene change >

- *Lucas fall on a chair* She've been kidnapp... What can we do Data-7 ?
- *The black panther seems to have an idea... He looks aroung him and goes to the library and take a book*
- Arthur Conan Doyle ??? * He turns the book * Sherlock Holmes !!! The little japanease detective ! Yashimoto ! Let's go see him.

< scene changes now into Yashimoto's office >

- Who did you said kidnapped her ?
- A man who call himself Amadeus...
- Amadeus.. Any physical sign ?
- Cybersix told me he is very tall and has golden eyes.
- Him !?@£ I know that man ! He comes from Japan, I think I know where he might be keeping Cybersix !!! *He walks to the windows and point the sea to Lucas* It's an old japanease scientist from the world war two. He was sent from Germany to help the Emperor to win the war against the United States. Rumors tells he came to late. Several sources told me that man traveled underwater in a modified U-Bot. Recently he has buyed a island of the shore of Meridiana and build a castle on it. I'm sure she is there ! We will find her soon...
- *Lucas walks to him* I hope so, I care a lot about her...
- Don't worry, she saves my sister life and mine, I will do all possible to find her
They both look at the sea, wondering what will now happen...