Episode 15 : Amadeus


The night is dark, and the moon hides herself behind the clouds.  Far away, we see to “thing” jumping from building to building.  It is Cybersix and Data-7, they heard an explosion coming from the south of Meridiana.  They rush to see what has happened, to see if anyone as been hurt.  They arrives but they stop, something quite strange is happening.   José is near a van, Fixed Ideas are bringing money from a bank they’re stealing.  But they don’t seems to have notice another group of Fixed Idea who’s coming near them.  They’re all black with golden eyes, yet they approach as if they wanted to attack José.  And that’s what they do.


José’s team don’t have a chance, the black Fixed Ideas came by surprise and they are surrounded.  The standard “green” Fixed are all quickly eliminated and José is caught.  They then jump onto rooftops and went east.  Cybersix, look at them going away wondering who they were and why did they wanted José…




-“You dare to kill your father José Von Richter !  That is unacceptable !  For it, you shall die unless you have something to say for your defense.

-That is all Cybersix fault !  Father began to be obsessed about killing her.  All is attention was focus on her, I had to kill her.

-WHO did you said ? Cybersix ?!  One of the Cyber Claudius (Von Richter) made in the ‘70s ?  He killed all of’em… He told me so.

-Well…You know uncle, she fled when she was 9 nine, he never thought she had survived all this time.  She needed substance and she apparently had some.

-And now, is she dead ?

-I assumed so for 6 months, but I think she survived the explosion.  Father told me she had great courage” José make the man listen to the tape record of Von Richter.

-“I see…  So she’s the one who made my brother crazy ?

-She is uncle Amadeus.”


Amadeus appears from the shadow, a tall man with golden eye.  With huge hands, he reach José’s shoulders and tell him :


-“Eliminate her”




Cybersix’s speaking with Julian, they’re near the shore watching the sky.  Cybersix is trying to convince Julian about going to school.  But the boys don’t seems to agree with her.  He likes is lifestyle !  After a little more talking, she gives him a book about scholarship.


-“Think about it Julian.  This could change your life and give you a future with plenty of friends.

-I know but I got friends, I have you, Data-7, Ikiko, even Enrique !

-I am your friend but I have to realize one day, you’ll have to live alone, without any help.

-Maybe you’re right… I’ll think about all this stuff

-Good, think wise.  I have to go now, goodbye !

-See ya !”



She jumps away, during her travel on top of Meridiana, Data-7 comes at her.  She stops and hugs him.  They haven’t had any fight for a week and they’re relaxed.  But at this moment, Cybersix, with her good eyes, sees a house in fire near José headquarters.  No needs to think, they both rush at the scene. Arriving, they stop and look confuse, José is standing in front of the fire.  As if he were waiting for them.


-“Hello Cybersix, how did you survived the explosion ?

-I had just enough time to walk outside and jump.  The blast wave projected me into the water.  And you little devil ?  What happened ?  I saw a tree hitting your car…

-Indeed,  it hit the car, and killed my mans, including Helmut !  But I’m back and someone still want you dead!”


He then turn to the building and yell “GET HER”


Four black Fixed Idea rush on her.  The fight is quick.  Cybersix has the advantage and with Data-7, they both quickly had those four idiots under control.  She walks to José and with a smile ask him:


“Is that all you got ?”


Amadeus comes out from the shadow, he his way bigger then Cybersix.  He bench himself a little bit and say.


“For tonight that is all Cybersix, you may now leave this place.  But now that I am here the avenge my brother.  He has died because of you and shall be hunt and killed for that.”


Cybersix, looking really surprise, leaves the scene and go to Lucas’s apartment.  He is still working on a substance sample but he seems to be very happy.


-“Cybersix !  I got great news ! It was all so easy…

-Well, I have a bad one, a real bad one”