Alternate Reality part 4 : End of Transmission

Written by : Frundock

Special thanks to : Ptah Aegryptus



Shadows. Lights. It was all a matter of moving with precision. The camp was huge, well guarded but far from perfect. Every 300 meters, the watchtowers checked for intruders with huge searchlights. This was their first mistake. The eye, when watching at night, focusses on light. So it was easier to travel in the shadows. Even better, the lamps made the Fixed Ideas with night vision useless.

In that mayhem of shadows, of lights and of movement, he was moving. Fiding his way to the ultimate goal. It was not easy and sometimes, the progress was very slow. But he had been watching the camp from various angles for the past days and he was ready to proceed. The war conlusion depended on him. He took a small black coin in his left hand and looked at the sky.

-           "Please help me."

He put the coin back in his left pocket. And started to run.



José was in his office, speaking with two Technos. It was hot outside, and even hotter inside. Not only did the room was missing the old fan (José had kicked it and it was officially RIP) but the small general was yelling and moving everywhere in the room. The two poor Technos could do nothing except hold still and wait for official orders.

From what José had told them, they would have a special mission. Fighting had stopped against the Wall, but the German troops were not idle.

-                           "Technos, the Wall is currently a very big obstacle to the realisation of our goal. You are asked to find information on this wall. We have already lost several quality agents trying to find this information."

He paused. José had a dark evil look in his eyes. Every single solder in Meridiana had heard about the way he threated his men. Killing them when he was disappointed, torturing them when they had made a mistake. To be given a mission was no longer an honor, but rather a death sentence.

-                           "You will pass the wall and find information on the technology used to protect the wall. It is crucial you don't wear ANYTHING metallic. You know what will happen if you do."

What will happen? It was obvious. The last few times they had send troops against the Wall, huge electric charges were sent on them. Intelligence had analyzed the situation and they declared that some kind of power source was attacking everything that was metallic. From a round, a gun and even a bomb. It was impossible to counter with classic measures.

-                           "You have two weeks to come back with information. Go, brave Technos, and if you succeed, you will be rewarded."

-                           "Thank you Sir!"


They both left the room to go get some equipement designed for the mission. José was looking at them, smilling. The door closed and he started laughing.

-           "Happy trip to hell..."



-           "ALARM! ALARM! INTRUDER!"


The slow alarms started to wake people. He knew for sure it was a mistake to do that. Soon, people would be running everywhere and he would be even harder to find. The guard had spotted him, and had run to call an alert. Meanwhile, he had achieved his goal: he was inside the headquarters. He had to take as much information as he could about the new general and the German moves.

He was walking slowly, carefully in the room and started to hear men, two officers going to report. They were running, and a high pitched voice was screaming.

-                           "What the hell is happeing?"

-                          "Sir someone got through our defense perimeter."

-                          "Any informations that indicates it could be Cybersix again ?"

-                          "We don't know yet. But the intruder is very cautious. Surely someone trained for this sort of operation."

-                          "Well, then, it's a good chance of being that bitch. Investigate! Go in pairs! I want this base cleaned up."

-                          "Yes Sir!"


And they left as fast as they had come in. But the intruder was not sure of what he had learned. He had heard "Cybersix", but it was more like a fairy tale amoung the agency. It went like this : there was a rumor of Von Reichter creating the Cyber series, but it had been rejected for unknown reasons. Maybe one of them was still alive? If they were searching for the Six, that mean they didn't had control over it and that was an opportunity for the Global Government.

-                           "It's nonsense..."




TO : GG02





-                           "Sir, our agent is requesting for information on a Cyber. I've searched the files and found nothing on that subject."


The employee was addressing a tall slim man, sitting behind a wooden desk. The room was dark, yet warm. The commander of GG02 was barely 40, yet his hairs were grey, and so were his eyes. He was known from a mission in the late '70s, where he had gathered information for the war effort that helped the Allies stabilize the battle lines all over the world.


-                           "Leave it to me Corporal. I'll handle this request. Now go."

-                          "Yes sir."


He left the room, leaving the small piece of paper on the dark desk. his grey eyes were looking at the note, his mind gathering old memories. The term "Cyber" meant something for him. It also reminded him of an tired old man : Rudi.


Back in the 70's he had arrested a war criminal named Rudi Schweitzer. He was sentenced to death by the Allies committee, but the agency had decided to make him talk before being executed. Orders were to make him talk, at all cost. At that time, Von Reichter and the terror he would spread accross the world wasn't known.


He remembered that well, Schweitzer was a real pain to speak with. He was arrogant, and since he knew he would die, he didn't care about questions. But all men have their limit, and he made sure Rudi had reached it. What he had given was information about the Cyber Project. A scientist of the German government was working on the Cyber Project. It involved work on real human subjects, modified to infiltrate, to fight. The ultimate fighting force.


Schweitzer had looked at him with a huge smile on his bloody face and had said : "You stand no chance". He died two days after that. He had been executed as a deamon to humanity and his body had been burned.


Investigation had started on the Cybers project, and for some time they came accross rumors and pieces of information. And one day, one word came from a drunk man in Germany who didn't know who he was speaking to : "Failure". The Cybers had been destroyed.


But now, operation Flipper was bringing this back from the dead. He knew the American Intelligence Agency wouldn't bother him if the information wasn't really good. He knew the right person to investigate a little on this. The best source he had in Meridiana.








-                           "WHO SENT YOU?"


José was mad. They had found the agent from the Allied Forces wandering around the docks. The guy was in a military zone without a pass. Without anything except a black coin in his left pocket. He looked too suspicious to be nothing else than an agent.


-                           "I came on my own sir. I like walking near the dock"


He had been beaten all day by two Fixed Ideas. All day. He knew from deep inside he was going to die. No agent ever came back from missions like this. Still he was glad he had found something useful for the A.I.A.


-                           "Answer me this time. What were you looking for?"

-                          "Your butt little asshole. And I found you."


At that precise moment, José became very calm. He looked at him as if the man on the ground was just a piece of meat. The eyes of José went red as he looked at the man. Only then did he realize the man had grey eyes. He took the black coin and threw it right in the face of the agent.


-                           "Here's money for your trip in hell. It will be a long ride. Fixed Idea 200.A, kill him slowly.”

-                          "Yes Sir."


He had been beaten all day yet, Jason Bourne had enough strength to move his arm, take the black coin, and put it in his mouth. The Fixed Idea didn't notice the move, but José was still looking at the agent when he realized what had happened.


-                           "I won't give you that pleasure little brat..."


And he bit down hard on the coin.




-                           "Adrian?"

-                           "Yes Lucas?"

-                           "You know I work for the Allied forces right?"

-                           "Yeah you told me some about it."

-                           "You should look at this then."


He handed a small piece of paper to Adrian. He started reading and suddenly his eyes went wide and he stopped breathing. He was looking at the paper. He slowly moved his head to see Lucas.


-                           "What should I do with this Adrian?"


The commander of Global Gouvernment was quiet. He was waiting for answers. Answers to his question. He was looking at a huge map in front of him, on which was displayed the world situation. The Japanese move on Russia, and the chaos in South America.


He was paying special attention to Meridiana's region when the corporal entered with a message.


TO : GG02




He tore the piece of paper in his hands, shredding it into tiny pieces with his hands, like a fury. He seemed to be angry, pained, sad.

-                           "Commander Bourne? What is the problem?"