Frundock:  Suggested text in {}’s.  Generally, rather good.  Just a few problems with word choice (homophones.  Words that sound alike but are spelled differently.), and usage of tense and number.  A good cliffhanger, I must say!  I’m on pins and needles!

Alternate Reality Part 2: I know the pieces fits

Written by: Frundock

Alternate Reality concept from: Apocalypse Watcher47

Thanks to Ptah Aegyptus for the corrections and guidance.


March 3rd, 1999


The man is named José Von Reichter, got this information from a guard I took sustenance from.  He seemed so scared only telling {??just speaking??} the name.  I went around the headquarters to look for the newly arrived commander, but I saw no new officers.  A kind was standing outside the house:, probably just some German aristocrat’s child who wanted to see war.


I meet Lucas again, the night after Adrian went to see him.  He spoke to me about this kind, polite Adrian Seidelman and wanted information about him. Is he jealous?  I wonder…




She closed the book.



The pub was quiet. , Ppeople had all come in small groups and the conversations were kept in those circles.  There was some beer, coffee, but no one was partying like they wereit could be seen only 3 months ago.  Instead, there was a very tdense and stressful mood in the Carlos’ Vaults… Like As if everyone was watching and listening toat what the others wereas saying.


The TV, near the bar was spouting an incredible amount of information.  So much that the few people caring about them could hardly keep the pacste.


            “And now for today’s news, let’s go speak with Hans”


            TheA blond haired guy, apparently Hans, appeared on the screen with some distortion ofn the feed.


            “Thank you sir.” Pause “Today was another great day of victory for the German’s Army.  The 2nd Army of Fixed Idea, lead by the Von Reichter’s family, finally destroyed a part of the Global Government’s wall of defense in Argentina. The losses are minimal and should be replaced by newly made units in no delay, thanks to the third Reich’s superior technology and officers. On the other news… “


            Two mean, both blond haired, were listening very closely to the reporter.  When he finished, the smaller took the rest of his beer while the bigger one lighted another cigarette.


-         “Lucas Amato!  When will you stop smoking?  , yYou know it’s bad for you!.

-         “I’ll stop when crazy shit like this stops appearingto be on TV, okay whatith that Frank?”

-         “Eh! That’s a deal…”


They both stopped speaking for a few seconds, realizing what they had just talked about. They knew the truth…  Germany’s army had been completely shredded by the Global Forces. Simply wiped out.  Lucas heard rumors about the Russians doing some test with Telsa’s theories on electricity. Maybe they could do the damn thing.


-         “I’ve got to go Frank. , Ssomeone’s waiting for me.”

-         “Hoy, no problems, see ya Amato!

-         “Bye.”

-         “Hope this person his worth all those cigarettes.”


He was on his way, leaving the pub, when he heard thatose last comments. So cruel, so true, just like Frank Rabitti is, and wouldill always be.


-“You wouldn’t believe it…”


Lucas left the building and wg… Walkeding slowly to his apartment.  He was now used to the constant sounds of war…  The battlefield was not far from the city.  The distant sounds of people fighting, of people dying always reminded him that he had to keep providing the allied forces with information.  It had to be important… A little…



The two officers were waiting in the lobby with the report of today’s losses.  The old city hall of Meridiana was now headquarters for the German forces.  The tallest, named Mikel Früder was the one in charge of the southern assault on what was now called, the “Wall of terror” among the regular troops.  He was with Hans, who was supposed to bring some new information to the new commander.  Both had never seen or spokeneak with him, but the rumors were enough to make them uncomfortable.


-         “I head that the new commander is a child…”

-         “Yah, heard the same thing, but how could that be?”

-         “Don’t ask me…  But I don’t see myself reporting my defeat to a stupid child who doesn’t understand a bit about strategyic.”

-         “So true…”



At that moment, two huge Fixed Ideas opened the door. They must have been 2.5 meters high, and so strong…  Both officers roseraised and stoodand still…


-         “Officer Früder reporting commander.”


A high voice came from behind the Fixed Ideas, from the shadows.  A little child emerged from that place.  An angry look on his face, he went between the Fixed Ideas and looked at the two officers for a few seconds.


-         “Are you stupid officer?”


The sStrange question from a child! What does he want to receive for an answer?


-         “No commander!”

-         “Then why do you think high command would put two dumb Fixed Ideas in charge?”

-         “I…I…I was mistaken sir!, I hadidn’t thought you would be the commander…”

-         “And why is that? Officer… Früder.”

-         “Well sir, you look like an 8 years old child…”

-         “How perspicacious of you…”

-         “Thank you sir!”


Thisat had to be the strangest moment he had ever lived.,  tThe little man looked at him. He seemed so evil, so dangerous.  It was as iflike he was containing his anger, and , like if he was ready to explode and kill anyone in the room.


-         “Alright Früder, give me the report on the south fight.” 

-         “Sir, we made no progress.  The wall is well guarded and they are using some strange technology against us.  When soldiers go near the wall, they are hit by electric charges and die.  I lost 400 men and more then 2 000 Fixed Ideas in the fight.”

-         “No progress then?”

-         “No sir, I’m sorry, we…”

-         “Enough!!! Fixed Idea 345.C?”


The huge Fixed Idea on the left answereds. A brute voice, ready to do anything he will beis ordered to.  T, the Pperfect Ssoldier.


-         “Yes Sir Von Reichter?”

-         “R-Rei-Reichter ?!?!“

-         “Kill this man, now! , I’m tired of him.“

-         “Yes Sir.!


Fixed Idea 345.C grabbeds the commander, who’s now started yelling, and wentgo with him behind the old city hall.  Hans, who is still standing, is sweating. , Nnow the boy is looking at him. Such an evil look in his eyes…


-         “Now for you!,  Ddo you have good news for me?”

-         “Yes sir!, Oour service has located an informant of the Global Government in the city.”

-         “Ahhh ! And who is it?”

-         “A man, named Lucas Amato…”



TO : GG02












            His dietfood was still terrible… Never had Cybersix seen someone eat burritos for dinner and then eat a whole carton of ice cream pot.  She was visiting him as Adrian.  She wanted to know more about this intriguing man who was working so hard and longmuch.


-         “You know Lucas, I was thinking about getting an apartment in the neighborhood., wWould you had some places to recommend?”

-         “Well, if you go look on road Zenobie, there’s an old building, and the lady has some nice rooms for a decent price. , I lived there for a few months about two years ago.  What does you current apartment haves?”

-         “I found it too near of the German troops.  I, would like to fiound a quieter place…”

-         “Ah! Well, can’t find much of a quiet place in a city engaged in war, but still, ityou should be nice there.”

-         “Thank you…”


Lucas on his partside, wanted to know more about Cybersix.  He was sure Adrian wasn’t telling him everything and he wanted more.  This tiny guy sure didn’t talked much about himself…


-         “Adrian, can you answer me something?”

-         “Sure! Just ask.

-         “Well, I was wondering, Ddoes Cybersix uses sustenance like the German Fixed Idea troops?”


The reaction of Adrian surprised him, for he seemed very nervous for a moment.  Did he touch a delicate subject?  Sustenance was well known around the world.  After all, 75% of the German’s troops were made of 75 % of mman made creations, and this information had leaked out soon after they started to be involved in battles. Maybe…


-         “Relax Adrian! , I know she’s not from the Germans! , I just want to know a little about her…”

-         “Well… Yes she needs sustenance, and it’s kind of hard to get in these hard times.

-         “Well, maybe I could help on that…”

-         “H…How?”

-         “Well, I often wander around the ships to gather information.  Taking a box of sustenance wouldn’t be too hard.”

-         “Well… That would be great, but I’m not sure she would want to see you risk your life for her.”

-         “Nah, don’t worry, I never got caught there…”

-         “Well…”

-         “I’ll do it for free buddy! All I want is to meet her again…”


Why is he insisting so much? Adrian went to the windows, thinking about what to answer.  A wrong answer would reveal her secret to Lucas Amato, and she didn’t want that.  {Not yet, at least.}


-         “I’ll speak with her about that Lucas…”

-         “Great ! Hum, by the way, are you eating your last burritos?”

-         “Didn’t you just eat ice cream?

-         “Yeah.  Sso?”

-         “Arggghhh!


She could not believe a man could have such a strong stomach, but he did eat all of it.  He was sitting on the couch when she noticed that a truck loaded with soldiers was stopping ere coming in front of the building.


-         “Lucas…”

-         “What?”

-         “The Germans are coming here I think.”

-         “WHAT?”



Hans Piperfelt was looking at the soldiers;: they were preparing to enter the building.  This mission had been given to him by José Von Reichter himself.  I, it was an honor, and it deserved to be done successfully.


-         “Everyone, listen to me.  This mission is simple, capture a man named Lucas Amato, and maybe anyone else in theremore alive.  They must be brought to the commander for interrogations. Are you ready?”

-         “Yes Sir!”

-         “Let’s go then!.