Part 1 – Dragon’s awakening


            Marwen walked slowly through the city, silently. It was a warm spring afternoon and she was eager to get home from school to relax and neglect her math homework. She blinked as the sun hit her bright blue eyes. The warmth of the light glowed on her wavy brown hair. A gentle breeze picked up, tickling Marwen’s nose and making her sneeze. Picking up her pace she noticed how quiet it was today, especially on a Friday.


 She turned right into a nearby alley towards her house. Suddenly the crunch of another person or persons footsteps came. Marwen disregarded it and kept walking. She took another right, getting closer to her house when a huge pair of legs stopped her. Her expression turned from surprise to shock as she looked up at the giant in front of her. He had a partly shaded face with dull blond hair and the most eerie red eyes that stared meanly back at her, making her uncomfortable.


 Beside the creature was two other of his kind. Finally a voice piped up, “WHAT’S GOING ON? DID I TELL YOU COULD STOP?!?!” yelled a childish voice. In between the tree- like legs of the thugs emerged a small, black haired boy with glasses. His eyes brightened as if taken by surprise. Then his look changed to a sinister smile. Marwen backed up, ready to run at the slightest movement, something wasn’t right. Why did this kid have so much authority over those strange giants?


“Well, well boys, looks like father’s female specimen came to us! “ he said evilly. Marwen’s heart raced, subject? What on earth was he talking about? “ W...what do you want?” she stumbled. “I don’t have any money” she took another step back.  “Don’t worry we won’t hurt you” said the boy. Then Marwen took off, but as soon as she started a huge grasping hand stopped her.


She tried to struggle free but one of the other thugs grabbed her other arm.  “ Take her to the truck” said the boy, he was very skinny with big feet and his glasses covered a lot of his face, and his clothes looked old-fashioned. He chuckled evilly as the third giant put him on his big shoulders. They marched down the alley travelling farther and farther away from Marwen’s house. There was nothing she could do but be dragged away. Eventually they reached a big truck. The two big lugs opened the metal doors in the back and flung her in, painfully. They bound her legs and arms and gagged her. Then they closed the back doors, leaving Marwen in the dark. She let out a pathetic little whimper, what was going on? The engine roared and the truck began to move, Marwen closed her eyes.


Van Richter paced anxiously up and down the ill-lit lab like a caged creature. Where was Jose? How long could it take to find a young female? Just then a truck pulled up to the lab and a Techno walked up to Van Richter. “Ah…. they’re here sir” he stumbled. “Good I just finished preparing the lab” he said in a scratchy voice. Jose jumped down from the truck and ordered the Fixed Ideas to bring the girl out of the truck. Jose watched eagerly as the pathetic little worm was dragged out of the back. Her gaze was to the ground and she made no attempt to struggle free. Jose laughed again, “Father will be pleased”.


Jose then got the fixed Idea to punch her in the face. Marwen felt the blow to her face and then blacked out. Jose laughed evilly and they went up to Van Richter. In the lab Van Richter was sitting in front of the huge screen of his computer. He was typing in some kind of foreign programming. “ Father here she is” called Jose.  Van Richter kept typing then paused and turned around. “Good work boy” he muttered. Van Richter got up from his seat to inspect the girl. “Hmm…seems weak, but never the less she will do” with that Van Richter got a fixed Idea to put her on a metal operating table nearby his computer. “ Now what father?” asked Jose. “ Now I work, you must go and wait Jose” he ordered. Jose turned and started to walk away when Van Richter added, “ Oh and Jose” he said. “ Yes father?”  Asked Jose. “If you ever hit her again you will be the one experimented on” he barked.


******** End of part 1**********