Yashimoto got up and started to walk to the door. Lucas hastily grabbed his arm before he left.

"You have some explaining to do," Lucas said in a calm voice.

Yashimoto took a deeo breath and sat down on the couch.

"I met Cybersix a few months ago. She saved my little sister and I from Jose. Jose threatened to kill Ikiko if I didn't track down Cybersix, so I had no choice. I found Cybersix' secret
idenity. Do you know?"

Lucas looked coldy at the floor.

"Yes. I do now." he said.

"She had to lie to you. For her sake and everyone else's." Yashimoto explained.

Lucas looked over to Cybersix, who by now, was breathing normally, but still asleep

"I have to go now. Here are more canesters of sustenace. You do realize you have to find more, right?" Yashimoto commented as he picked up his bag.

Lucas nodded, still looking at Cybersix.

Yashimoto walked out the door.

"Yashimoto!" Lucas called before he left

Yashimoto turned around

"Thankyou," Lucas said with a greatful look on his face.

Yashimoto bowed, then walked silently out the door.

Lucas was now alone with Cybersix. Thoughts flooded his troubled mind once again. He placed his hand on Cybersix's cheek. She was warmer than before, and dryer. She was going to survive the night.

A breeze brushed across Lucas' face. He had left the windo open, just incase Cybersix returned. He remeber the first time she came through his window. He could remeber everything about that night. How big and strong that Fixed Idea was against him, but how weak it was compaired to Cybersix. He looked at the wooden floor. The hole from the fist sustenace burn was still there. He smiled.

Suddenly, he heard a faint cry.

"Lucas?" Cybersix wispered.

Lucas spun around to see Cybersix, her dark eyes were half open and trying to stay that way.
He almost ran to her side. Her clapsed her hand into his. Cybersix held on tightly as if she was never going to see him again.

"Lucas, I'm sorry." she said. Hot tears streked sown her exhausted face. She started to shake. Lucas could feel it.

"No, it's ok. Cybersix. It's ok," Lucas said. He placed his hands on her face. She quickly
calmed down.

Part of Cybersix wanted to get up and run away from him, to casue him no more pain.
The other, wanted to stay with him forever and hold him. That part was the strongest.
She needed to tell Lucas everything. About her life. And why she ran away from it.

Lucas held her in is arms with a comforting hug. Cybersix hugged back and wouldn't let
go. Her eyes moved to the empty vial beside her bed. Then to the glasses that lay neatly on Lucas' coffee table. The ones that belong to Adrian.

"You know the truth now. I am Adrian." Cybersix said in a weak voice.

"Yes." Lucas commented. "I understand. You had to hide."

Cybersix smiled. She rested her head on the pillow.

She looked out the window beside the bed. The stars shone brightly under the moon. Millions of tiny stars. Cybersix had never seen them before because the night sky was usually cloudy.

Perhaps this was a sign of a new life for Cybersix and Lucas. Only time will tell.

THE END (Or is it?)
Well that's it for this story! Hope I didn't bore you too much!

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