A small frail shadow was seen running through the night by Cybersix’s watchful eye. She figured it might be Julian, she started to go after it. She darted across rooftops and leaped over high buildings. Not once did she slow down. She got closer and closer to this moving shadow, only to find it running faster and faster. This was not Julian. Cybersix jumped high above the moving silhouette and landed gracefully right in front of it. Cybersix stepped forward as the small person stepped back. It appeared to be a small homeless female child.

“Who are you little one?” Cybersix questioned.

The girl didn’t answer, she just backed away and leaned against the wall behind her. She was obviously afraid of Cybersix.

“Go away!” the girl yelled as she closed her eyes.

Cybersix was stunned. She took a large step towards the girl with sympathy.

“I only want to help you...” Cybersix explained as she reached out for the girl.

“No! Leave me alone!” the girl screamed.

All of a sudden, the girl leaped high into the air. She landed on the building just above her and bolted off. Cybersix stood there in awe. She must be another one of Von Riechter’s creations. Cybersix shot straight up in the sky and ran after the girl, who was already several buildings ahead of her. With great haste Cybersix began to catch up to this child. She was just as strong as Cybersix, but not as fast. Cybersix caught the girl and pinned her down. The girl started to kick and struggle to release herself, but Cybersix overpowered her.

“Ok now. Where did you come from?” Cybersix demanded.

“Let go of me!” the girl demanded. She was getting fairly weak so it was easy for Cybersix to hold her.

Just as Cybersix was going to ask another question there was a great explosion where the two lay, sending them flying through the air and making them painfully hit the pavement. Cybersix looked over at the girl who started to get up. Jose and his Fixed Ideas emerged from the clearing smoke.

“Well now. Look who I’ve found,” Jose said with a smirk.

“I’ve should of known you would join the part Jose,” Cybersix said with a smile as she got up.

“Get her!” Jose snapped.

The Fixed Ideas began to attack Cybersix. She dodged their fists and their punches and kicked them to the side. The girl watched this as she saw Cybersix fight the Fixed Ideas in mid-air. Cybersix fell hard on the ground. She panted hard due to lack of sustenance. Electric bolts danced around her left arm. The small girl stared at her arm which revealed to her

Cyber 6

It took sometime for the girl to snap out of her trance. Could it be? Was there really a Cyber living? Even after the horrible blood bath The evil Doctor put her and the other Cybers through?
Without thinking, the girl jumped high into the air and came down kicking one of the Fixed Ideas hard in the head. He fell and instantly evaporated. The girl quickly scooped up the vial and placed it in her pocket. She looked around as the Fixed Ideas began to back away. The girl stood in front of Cybersix trying to protect her. Cybersix was in shock. Was this another Cyber?

Jose pushed the Fixed Ideas aside to see what was going on. The girls face fell as she caught glimpse of her killer. Jose stood there in amazement.

“Kiara? Your alive?” Jose said to himself. He stood there for half a minute looking over Kiara. He finally decided to retreat with his Fixed Ideas. The ran over the building and off into the night. Kiara knelt down to the tired Cyber and gave her the bottle of sustenance. Cybersix stared at her in silence and gracefully took the vial.

“Are you....a...Cyber?” Cybersix questioned.

Kiara shook her head.

“I am a human, but I have been brought back to life with a Cyber’s power, but as you can see, I haven’t fully learned my strength.”

Cybersix smiled at Kiara. She knelt down to hug her. Kiara hugged back. It was great to finally have a friend in this cursed city of the damned.

Together the walked off into the sunlight, side by side.

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