Background :
Lucas Amato may be the most simple character of the bunch. He's a guy, falling in love for a mysterious woman. He is a man of science with an incredible stomach which makes him a fun living man.

The animated version describes him as a teacher who loves his job. He teachs biology at Meridiana High School and seem to be a good teacher, grabbing teens attention to the world of science. But one night as he walks in the city he meets Cybersix for the first time.

This meeting changes his life and he becomes fascinated by Cybersix. He finds a vial filled with sustenance which Cybersix and other bad guys wanted.

Lucas Amato of the comic is different, he is a scientific journalist for the El Idenpendante, a little independant newspaper in the city of Meridiana. He's a man of truth who can't sleep and watch the stars at night. But one day, he sees Cybersix and is intrigued by her. He wants to know more about her and goes into a quest to find her.

The difference between the comic and the animated version are so very alike, with small difference, for Lucas Amato works part time in the high school to make a little money and meets Adrian this way.

To that extend, Lucas Amato, in both version, doesn't know who really is Adrian.

Lucas is a more important character in the story as, let's say Data-7. While Data-7 is the sidekick of Cybersix, Lucas is a source of conflict for her. They are friend at day, but at night, Cybersix, as a woman, is afraid of what she could do to Lucas. She lived alone for all this time, but now, a man is interrested to her, and obviously love her. So Lucas, even as a simplistic character, as a huge impact on Cybersix in the story.