The main character, Cybersix. It is the reason why the show exist and is so gripping. The character itself is not much developped in the animated version, which is good because it form a huge mysterie around the main character.

Background :
In the 70's Von Reichter started the production of its first mass series, the Cybers. According to his standards, they were perfect, marvel of his own technology. He started raising them but at the age of 8 years old, he realized the biggest flaw of them all, they had free will. Made to be commanded and used, they had started to act of their own. This risk was unacceptable and Von Reichter decided to terminate the series. He killed all of them. The 5000 cybers were killed. All but one, Cybersix.

She was rescued by a black slave of Von Reichter and brought away to a fishing village. There, she lived for some time, happy, free. But freedom is a gift and it can be taken. Von Reichter heard of the surviving Cyber. He sent men to find her, at all cost.

They found the slave, and asked him for the Cyber. He told she wasn't obeident, that she had gone for weeks. This description met the information on the Cyber. They beleived him and killed him. When Cybersix came back, she found him dead. She was alone, really alone now. She took a box containing sustenance and went away, somewhere she could hide.

She traveled through many frontier and on her way, she saw a car accident. All were dead. A boy was there, with his passport. Adrian Seidelman. Looking at the boy, she noticed he looked a lot like her. So she took the ID and went to Meridiana. There, she got an education and lived under the identity of Adrian Seidelman for years. Until the moment she was found back by Von Reichter, and then, the story we all know starts.

It is interresting to see in both the comic and the animation how she deals with her alter-ego. Althought the male vs female fight is more important inside the comic, this aspect is also seen in the animated version. When Lucas speaks with Adrian about Cybersix we often see Adrian smiles. In both version, Lucas gets to know Adrian is aware of Cybersix existance and this brings a wierd triangle situation.

Another interresting relation between the animation version and the comic is thru the fights. True in both version, Cybersix fights against Von Reichter's creations. But she doesn't quite do this to save the city of Meridiana. But rather, she does it to save her life. She does care about the people around her and fight for them, or make sacrifice for them, but she also know she cannot be a superhero. Fight to survive, fight for her loves. That is what move her. Rather then being like most hero she won't go into a dangerous situation without a reason. She is tracked and if her identity would eb revealed to the whole city, normal human would probably want to hunt her too.

This reaction from human to the facts she is not really human also drives the serie. She plays with her emotions because she is afraid of what she can do. What would her lvoe end up to?